Comments on "POOR man's latte?" - Faerye Net 2007-05-11T11:31:40+00:00 Re: Full Disclosure 2007-05-11T11:31:40+00:00 2007-05-11T11:31:40+00:00 <p>I&#8217;ve never heard that called a &#8220;French Soda&#8221;. And believe me, in my pre-coffee days (you know, ages when the parents control your caffeine intake) I consumed a LOT of Italian sodas, with and without cream. No one ever called them that! <br /> <br /> P&#8217;raps it&#8217;s regional.<br /> <br /> Anyways, I don&#8217;t control a master list of what drinks are allowed to have a tablespoon of half-and-half. If someone wants to put an inch of half-and-half in their iced green tea, I will not stop them, tho&#8217; I will judge them silently for their strange tastebuds. It&#8217;s just using ginormous amounts that deny all subsequent tablespooners their tablespoon that offends.</p> felicity Re: Full Disclosure 2007-05-11T09:58:47+00:00 2007-05-11T09:58:47+00:00 <p>Obviously. Didn&#8217;t you have some experience in the coffee shop industry?</p> EMeta Re: Full Disclosure 2007-05-09T21:06:37+00:00 2007-05-09T21:06:37+00:00 <p>By French Soda, we mean&#8230;Italian soda with half-and-half?</p> felicity Full Disclosure 2007-05-09T10:10:30+00:00 2007-05-09T10:10:30+00:00 <p>Okay, for the record, I do make myself poor man&#8217;s French Soda&#8217;s, but only because I am poor and I only use like a tablespoon of half-and-half. Also, it means I don&#8217;t get some crazy barrista&#8217;s idea of how much cream it needs, which probably saves the coffee shop money overall. So there.</p> EMeta Hee hee! 2007-05-09T09:09:49+00:00 2007-05-09T09:09:49+00:00 <p>There&#8217;s no accounting for the spending or cheapskating habits of the wealthy. But that is a funny story!</p> sister sledge Ho Hummer 2007-05-08T02:40:23+00:00 2007-05-08T02:40:23+00:00 <p>It makes you wonder what kind of business ethics made this man able to purchase a Hummer H3.</p> GreyStork