Comments on "Fruits of the Forest Pie" - Faerye Net 2010-07-16T11:44:18+00:00 Re: Hmmm... and PIE! 2010-07-16T11:44:18+00:00 2010-07-16T11:44:18+00:00 <p>I’ve never had a nut pie. Came close when I foolishly decided to sniff the Oregon Caramel Coffee Hazelnut (never tried to eat hazelnuts at a formative age, got a few days of munching in before the immune system noticed the Nut Sign flashing — thus, hazelnuts smell like Food, not Poison). I don’t think nut Fruits of the Forest sounds crazy — it makes SENSE!</p> <p>I don’t like pineapple much myself (I think it is the natural enemy of humankind!) but it was well mixed with the other flavors so it was fine.</p> <p>Jan — I’ll be sure to read it! I’ve heard of tomato pies but never had one or even learned where they fall on the sweet-savory spectrum.</p> Felicity Hmmm... 2010-07-16T10:40:57+00:00 2010-07-16T10:40:57+00:00 <p>I’m behind that pie, except for the pineapple. I’ve had fruit of the forest pies that were just apple and blackberry. That seems indicative of Northwest forests, anyway. I’ve never had a fruit of the forest pie with nuts – that’s just crazy!<br /> Nut pies are overrated anyway. I grew up in the south where every pie was a cream pie or some kind of nut pie. And that is why I love fruit-only pies so much.</p> Jeannine Hall Gailey PIE! 2010-07-16T10:33:49+00:00 2010-07-16T10:33:49+00:00 <p>You inspired me to share my recipe for tomato pie on my blog. Thank you!</p> Jan Priddy Re: fruits of the forest? 2010-07-13T17:47:04+00:00 2010-07-13T17:47:04+00:00 <p>Yes, pretty nonsensical, isn’t it!? I used canned. It was either/or, and to be honest, I try to minimize my exposure to pineapple, especially in its fully armed state :P It’s only a half-cup.</p> Felicity fruits of the forest? 2010-07-13T16:47:16+00:00 2010-07-13T16:47:16+00:00 <p>Only half of those fruits come from trees. Are they surrounded? BTW, do you use fresh pineapple in this or canned?</p> Elaine Corwin