Comments on "Find n" - Faerye Net 2011-03-05T09:41:52+00:00 Additional Variables 2011-03-05T09:41:52+00:00 2011-03-05T09:41:52+00:00 <p>“… provided you’re improving your work and trying your best.”</p> <p>For those of us who are of the <i>fixer</i> mentality, the above variables help us feel like we have a modicum of control over the duration to <i>n</i>. I feel a formula coming on!</p> Kath Nyborg good post! 2011-03-04T23:17:11+00:00 2011-03-04T23:17:11+00:00 <p>I like your algebraic thinking.</p> Jeannine Hall Gailey