Posts tagged with "world fantasy" - Faerye Net 2010-11-04T12:32:49+00:00 Felicity Shoulders World Fantasy 2010 2010-11-04T12:32:49+00:00 2010-11-04T12:33:28+00:00 <p>I&#8217;m not one for con reports, as a rule. For one thing, after a con I generally collapse and sleep for two days. For another, it makes me feel bashful to list all the fine people I met and so forth. Bad enough that going to a con perforce involves (at least for we people of relatively restricted acquaintance) a certain amount of the middle-school sensation of standing in the cafeteria with a tray, scanning the tables. Having to list everyone publicly afterwards adds an added layer of anxiety-dream to that.</p> <p>But one of the people I met at this World Fantasy was Ferrett Steinmetz, whose story &#8220;Under the Thumb of the Brain Patrol&#8221; appeared in the October/November <em>Asimov&#8217;s</em> with my &#8220;Termite Queen of Tallulah County&#8221;, and <a href="" target="links">his con report</a>, focusing on events rather than lists of people, inspired me. I think a smattering of events would give a better idea of the experience, anyhow. So: this is not exhaustive. I met many people and had many conversations, experiences, and plates of flaming cheese which I shall not mention here.</p> <p>So:<br /> <h1>Things that Happened at World Fantasy.</h1></p> <p><strong>Sheila Williams Lunch:</strong> Finally, I got to meet the editor of <em>Asimov&#8217;s</em> in person! This allowed for far more chatting than e-mail does &#8212; yes, I know e-mails can be long, but they constantly confront you with their growing length, which is somewhat inhibitive. Sheila was just as kind and gracious as I had always suspected. And I promised her I will try to finish this novel I&#8217;m writing so I can get some more short stories finished. (No goal could be closer to my heart, to tell you the truth.)</p> <p><strong>Locus stuff:</strong> A Locus booth in the dealers&#8217; room gave me the opportunity to put my <a href="" target="links">March resolutions</a> about subscribing into effect (plus I got a free issue! Beat that, internet convenience!) Plus I got to meet some folks from Locus, and I got my photo taken by a Locus photographer. They were taking pictures of &#8220;up and coming&#8221; spec-fic writers. Does this mean my photo will appear somewhere? I don&#8217;t know! It&#8217;s a mystery! I also got to meet Gardner Dozois, who gave me that review mentioned in March. He is very affable and we had a great chat.</p> <p><strong>Practiced introducing self:</strong> This is a big deal for me: introducing myself with the slightest of openings (&#8220;Hi, you said you liked my T-shirt when we shared an elevator car earlier.&#8221;) or no opening at all (&#8220;Hi, you are Gardner Dozois.&#8221;). I tried to encourage myself with a spirit of inquiry, but since it went well each time, my experimental data condemn me to wander the world, forcing my acquaintance on new people. Curse you, science!</p> <p><strong>Ellen Kushner Reading:</strong> I went to a reading by <a href="">Ellen Kushner</a>, where she read part of a story from the upcoming <a href='' title='' rel='powells' target="links"><em>Welcome to Bordertown</em></a> anthology and half of a very artsy chapbook story a friend of hers published in a limited edition. Of course, I had to buy one of the lovely things in the dealers&#8217; room so I can find out what happens (and drool over the illustrations.) Somehow I&#8217;d managed not to previously connect the dots that Ellen Kushner is the host of <a href="" target="links">a show on <span class="caps">NPR</span></a>, which explains (although causality could go either way here) why she&#8217;s the most graceful conversationalist I can recall.</p> <p><strong>Made important travel mistakes:</strong> My sadder but wiser conclusions include: travel earlier in the week rather than early in the morning. Book hotel rooms well in advance so you don&#8217;t have to leave while the con is still in full swing. Set an alarm for 24 hours before any Southwest flight so you can actually check in in a timely fashion.</p> <p><strong>Made pact to take over the world:</strong> One of the fabulous new people I met, <a href="" target="links">Emily Jiang</a>, is a fellow <a href="" target="links">genre-warrior</a> with every intention of continuing to write on both sides of the imaginary literary/speculative border and breaking down the wall between. We decided to team up and take over the world. You&#8217;ve been warned.</p>