Posts tagged with "waterworks" - Faerye Net 2007-01-29T22:10:57+00:00 Felicity Shoulders Latest thing to make me cry -- 1/29/2007, 22:49 2007-01-29T22:10:57+00:00 2008-06-08T12:20:54+00:00 <p>An account, in Stephen Ambrose&#8217;s <em>Citizen Soldiers</em>, of the kindness of French farm women to German soldiers fleeing the <a href="" target="links">Falaise pocket</a> in August, 1944. The author said that three veterans of the Wehrmacht with whom he&#8217;d spoken had been sheltered and fed by these women as they fled, alone and terrified, from the devastating Allied artillery and air assault.</P> <p><blockquote>In each case, the women explained that their sons were POWs in Germany, and that they hoped some German mother was feeding their boys.</blockquote></p>