Posts tagged with "tire" - Faerye Net 2008-06-13T23:45:26+00:00 Felicity Shoulders Highway 101 has it in for me. 2008-06-13T23:45:26+00:00 2008-06-13T23:50:52+00:00 <p>I picked up a nail in my tire tonight. It was by no means obvious, but I think it happened on a short jaunt on 101 from Mt. View, where I was gaming with friends new and old, to the Queequeg&#8217;s Qoffee Qasa where I toil. It was not until the sign of the mighty Pequod, its sails emblazoned with the coffee bean, was extinguished and the doors of Queequeg&#8217;s were locked behind its weary employees that I saw the flat tire.</p> <p>Previous <a href="">misadventures</a>, including several memorable hours stranded on the shoulder on a lofty freeway interchange (also tire-related), convinced me to pay the semi-yearly pittance for roadside assistance, and the truck appeared before my fellow Queequegger and I could budge the lugnuts. I took the long way home, via surface streets. But really, tires and 101 both have it in for me. And the two together? Oh lordy.</p> <p>Unlike some <a href="">fictional characters</a> who masquerade as real people among us, I think I will celebrate my tire mishap with a patch or a new tire, followed closely by a mango-strawberry smoothie at Queequeg&#8217;s. Not a new sports car. That&#8217;s just how I roll. Slowly, cautiously, and under 55 miles per hour on a compact spare.</p>