Posts tagged with "tag" - Faerye Net 2009-01-12T11:38:53+00:00 Felicity Shoulders Positive 2009-01-12T11:38:53+00:00 2009-01-12T11:39:58+00:00 <p><a href="" target="links">Ryan</a> whipped up the &#8216;Top Tags&#8217; <a href="" target="links">Thoth</a> plugin for me, to replace &#8216;Categories&#8217; in my sidebar. Yup, little to the right, little bit down&#8230;that&#8217;s it. Top Tags. I hastened to taggify many of my articles, so that the Top Tags would be fairly representative. I had a hard time figuring out, at first, which tags I would reuse a lot, but soon I discovered, poring over my archives, that many of my articles were, well, <span class="caps">WHINY</span>. Perhaps not so much whiny as <span class="caps">KVETCHY</span>. I started tagging these complaints &#8216;<a href="" target="links">grouse</a>&#8217;, and was horrified to discover that &#8216;grouse&#8217; quickly hit my Top Tags.</p> <p>I don&#8217;t think of Faerye Net as a negative place! I was mortified at the idea that instead of &#8216;anecdotes, opinions and occasional fiction&#8217;, I might be providing complaints, whinges and occasional fiction. I invented the antonymic tag &#8216;<a href="" target="links">huzzah</a>&#8217;, and hastened to apply it. It did not rise into the top tags. I tagged more of the archives. Nothing rose to topple &#8216;grouse&#8217; off the list. So I resolved to be more positive, to post fewer articles that required the description &#8216;grouse&#8217; in future.</p> <p>As of December 28, with <a href="" target="links">this post</a>, I geek over language more often than I complain. <a href="" target="links">Vocabulary</a> is in the top five. My tagging is by no means complete &#8211; lots of the archive languish unfolksonomified (and, since the switch to tags also switched us to Textile word-formatting markup, unchecked for formatting blips) and I still think I need to come up with a tag to distinguish posts about writing from posts which contain my writing (like <a href="" target="links">the Grey City chronicles</a>.) But at least I can rest secure knowing that I&#8217;ve made Faerye Net a less whingey place. One small step for a kvetch.</p> <p>P.S. As of this post, &#8216;huzzah&#8217; ties &#8216;grouse&#8217; at 30 posts. Ha!</p> Taggers may learn highly instructive things 2008-08-07T11:45:01+00:00 2008-08-07T11:45:01+00:00 <p>I love tags. They&#8217;re intuitive, individual, flexible and informative. They appeal to the part of my mind that <a href="" target="links">color-codes obsessively</a> and also to the slapdash right-now portion (or portions). So one of the chief advantages to <a href="" target="links">upgrading</a> to a newer <a href="" target="links">blog engine</a> was the tags, the glorious tags.</p> <p>I haven&#8217;t finished tagging the archives yet, but after Ryan wrote the Top Tags plugin, I was surprised to see certain trends emerging. For one, I hadn&#8217;t thought I blogged about &#8216;real life&#8217; <em>all</em> that much. For another, I was disturbed to see &#8216;grouse&#8217;, my chosen tag for negativity and ranting, in the top 5. Am I really that negative? I wondered, and considered how many fewer items could be tagged with &#8216;huzzah&#8217;, grouse&#8217;s opposite number.</p> <p>So I&#8217;ve been trying to be more positive. Oh yes, if something is a grouse (like yesterday&#8217;s <a href="" target="links">Zyrtec-D</a> rant) I dutifully and truthfully tag it that way. But I&#8217;m trying not to write as many, to think of more blog items that celebrate or interest rather than excoriate. Tagging is self-revelatory. C&#8217;mon, be honest, you&#8217;ve looked at your tag cloud on some site or other. It&#8217;s interesting to see in aggregate the choices and distinctions we make in individual places, and to compare them to the aggregate choices of other users and the site as a whole. And the thing about any sort of self-revelation is that sometimes it shows you things you didn&#8217;t really want to see. It gives you a chance to change.</p> <p>So I&#8217;ve already managed to push grouse down to number five on the Top Five Tags list&#8230;let&#8217;s see if I can&#8217;t push it off altogether!</p>