Posts tagged with "reading news" - Faerye Net 2009-07-16T13:05:24+00:00 Felicity Shoulders Calyx reading in September 2009-07-16T13:05:24+00:00 2009-07-16T14:00:31+00:00 <p>The semi-annual issue of <a href="" target="links"><em><span class="caps">CALYX</span>: A Journal of Art and Literature by Women</em></a> should be out later this week. As I <a href="" target="links">may have mentioned</a>, my realistic story &#8220;Ashes&#8221; will be published there.</p> <p>Luckily for me, a large number of contributors to this issue are Portlanders, so <span class="caps">CALYX</span> arranged a reading at our very own <a href="" target="links">Annie Bloom&#8217;s Books</a> (if I can walk there from my house, it&#8217;s my very own). Five authors will be reading: I believe the ratio is two prose to three poetry. Two of the authors (plus me!) are graduates from or students in my <span class="caps">MFA</span> program, which is pretty nifty.</p> <p>So, here&#8217;s all the info in case you want to write it a couple of months out on your calendar:<br /> <strong>What:</strong> Calyx Summer 2009 Reading<br /> <strong>When:</strong> Wednesday, September 16, 2009, 7:30 pm<br /> <strong>Where:</strong> Annie Bloom&#8217;s Books, <a href="" target="links">7834 SW Capitol Hwy</a>, Portland OR (Multnomah Village)<br /> <strong>Who:</strong> Felicity Shoulders, <a href="" target="Links">Leslie What</a>, Helen Puciloski, Lois Rosen, Mary Calvin</p>