Posts tagged with "professional" - Faerye Net 2008-05-07T21:50:33+00:00 Felicity Shoulders Compartments 2008-05-07T21:50:33+00:00 2008-06-09T15:20:14+00:00 <p>So upon reflection and discussion, I&#8217;m really quite indecisive about what divides, if any, to forge between my professional life on the internet and my footloose bloggery on the faeryenet. Ryan, the man who manages to mix videogame reviews, rants, and paens to pie with his coding offerings and opinions on <a href="" target="links"></a>, thinks my entire mental framework is outmoded. The idea of &#8216;personal&#8217; versus &#8216;professional&#8217; web presences, he would have it, is more or less gone. And I&#8217;ll admit, since I didn&#8217;t pseudonym up this blog, he may have a point. Regardless of whether I think some coy non-linking and non-use of keywords and a separate domain is a conceptual bright line, the average intertronner probably does not see or care about that line.</p> <p>So what is gained by pretending? I&#8217;m not sure. Perhaps the sense of consequence-free play that gave rise to <a href="" target="links">Justice Man and the Lure of Milk-Bones</a> and <a href="" target="links">Master Taco</a>. If I think &#8216;serious&#8217; readers or, goddesses forfend, <em>editors</em> might be looking on, would I feel so free to drivel at the mouth and overflow at the brainpan? Does my dim little bright line actually fool even <em>me</em> enough to allow such tomfoolery these days?</p> <p>And what&#8217;s at stake? Well, there are the unknowables. The people who might not want to be associated with me if they read, well, Justy. And there are the archives. By posting it, I said I was okay with it being known; but by making a part of my professional web presence, I&#8217;d be owning this as part of my writerly persona. I might have to go through the archives pruning things. That sounds daunting, and even possibly dishonest. But it also, to venture even further into alliteration, bears a resemblance to due diligence.</p> <p>So, opinions? I know EMeta, at least, has been frustrated by my strange and arcane attempt at compartmentalization. Lemme hear it, folks. Is there a line between personal and professional on the web? At least, when you&#8217;re non-anonymous and under thirty? Why did you choose what you chose?</p> <p><em>nota bene: whatever the outcome of this discussion, Faerye Net is due for a rehaul. Hopefully it should be shinier, more folksonomic, and more <span class="caps">RSS</span>-friendly quite soon.</em></p>