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I wrote something a little odd, so I thought I&#8217;d put it on, where the odd things go.</em></p> <p><strong>The Lay of the Wise Woman&#8217;s Fire</strong><br /> In a forest past a mountain<br /> Where a gleaming birch stood bright,<br /> Shrugged a tiny cottage doorway<br /> Barely shutting out the night.</p> <p>Low the coals burned in the pit there,<br /> &#8217;Twixt walls pierced by draughts and cold<br /> But the etched face of the bent crone<br /> Showed a cunning smile, and bold.</p> <p>&#8220;Come on in and sit, ye traveler!<br /> By my dying fire you&#8217;ll tide<br /> And hear a story or a puzzle,<br /> A lie in which great truths can hide.&#8221;</p> <p>In beside the soughing embers,<br /> &#8217;Cross the fire from the old dame,<br /> Lurched the third son of a warlord,<br /> Fortune-seeker, Brait by name.</p> <p>Long and far his path had ta&#8217;en him,<br /> Or so it seemed to untried Brait,<br /> Before the moonlit path had shown him<br /> The way to this old woman&#8217;s gate.</p> <p>&#8220;Fame do you seek, or glory?&#8221;<br /> Asked the smiling glint-eyed crone.<br /> &#8220;Bright-haired noblewomen&#8217;s daughters?<br /> Magic? Treasure? Or a throne?&#8221;</p> <p>&#8220;Any of these would I leap at!&#8221;<br /> Said the boy, half-rising, awed.<br /> &#8220;Sure you must know much, great wise one,<br /> Sure the right path have I trod!&#8221;</p> <p>&#8220;Tell me where my story takes me!<br /> Give me clues to find my fate!<br /> And your hands I&#8217;ll fill with silver,<br /> After fortune makes me great!&#8221;</p> <p>&#8220;Fortune&#8217;s fickle,&#8221; laughed the wise one.<br /> &#8220;Many heroes have I seen&#8230;<br /> Promised gold and promised silver<br /> In the counting lose their sheen.</p> <p>&#8220;Have you aught of honest value,<br /> Son of mighty warlord&#8217;s halls?<br /> For a treasure of your past, then,<br /> I may share destiny&#8217;s call.&#8221;</p> <p>Forth Brait drew his gleaming longsword,<br /> Ruby-studded, rich in names.<br /> &#8220;This I give to buy my future!&#8221;<br /> Watchful Night heard him proclaim.</p> <p>Through the dark he took her counsel,<br /> Learned her riddles, drew her maps,<br /> &#8217;Til one hour past the daybreak,<br /> Brait strode forth to try his haps.</p> <p>And when, one year hence, Brait returned there &#8212;<br /> To the slope-roofed cottage old?<br /> All he found was broken thatching,<br /> Tumbled wall stones, fire cold.</p> <p>For however dark the forest,<br /> However wizened the dame may seem,<br /> Not every old crone is a wise one &#8212; <br /> Despite her knowing eyeballs&#8217; gleam.</p> <p>Rich the house and straight its timbers,<br /> Warm and bright and great its fires!<br /> Fat and happy on the sword&#8217;s price<br /> Lives not a witch, but yes, a liar!</p> For the high-schoolers 2010-11-19T23:35:51+00:00 2010-11-20T00:17:00+00:00 <p><em>I have written a limerick for my sister to put under a windshield wiper, should she so desire:</em></p> <p>Every day two teenagers play hooky<br /> To park on this street and get nookie.<br /> Allow me to hint it:<br /> Your windows aren&#8217;t tinted<br /> All the neighbors could have them a look-see.</p> The Claws of the Bandersnatch 2004-02-03T12:52:03+00:00 2010-12-18T15:57:04+00:00 <p>Howdy, folks. Time for me to spout more rhyming gibberish. In this case, it&#8217;s rhyming gibberish I came up with Elsewhere, on the boards at <a href="" target="links">RPGnet</a>, in response to someone&#8217;s suggesting an artefact for Exalted (for <a href="" target="links">Golden</a>, in fact) called the Claws of the Bandersnatch. The person who suggested this artefact added that these claws should be a weapon that can A) cut anything &#8212; spirit, ghost, what have you, and B) climb anything, even air. I was feeling bored and puckish, so here you have the classic tale of the Claws of the Bandersnatch. For background info on Exalted, see the beginning of <a href="" target="links">this article</a>. </p> <hr /> <p> <p>In times of old there lived in sloth a Fae of timeless age<br /> A lady? Lord? A thing of power, the deadly Chrysophage!<br /> Its merry bands of bloody fun to saner lands it sent,<br /> For outside its own mad domain it very rarely went.<br /> But lo! The lofty Solars heard of borderlands&#8217; sad plight,<br /> And slew the cruel revellers that drained the woods of light!</p><p></p> <p>In wrath the stunning Chrysophage beheld its vanquished churls.<br /> And on the roiling Wyld itself its rageful magicks hurled!<br /> &#8220;What sanity is this which dares to thrash my threshers here?<br /> What obstacle to bliss has thus engendered puling fear?&#8221;<br /> The Chrysophage, its rage and power frothing to a peak,<br /> Out of the gathered Wyld itself begat a mighty Beast!</p><p></p> <p>&#8220;No tree,&#8221; it said, &#8220;shall stand when my Beastling dear is near!<br /> No tower shall rise or house shall stay or mortal conquer fear!<br /> For neither shall the snivelling &#8216;real&#8217; its chaos form abide,<br /> Nor indeed the touch of steel e&#8217;er rip its glistening hide!&#8221;</p><br /> <p><br /> And so the the Beast from Wyld did rise above, upon, and through,<br /> The shapely trees and peaceful fields from which the swallows flew.<br /> &#8220;Go forth!&#8221; the Chrysophage did rave, &#8220;my lovely teeming thing!<br /> Go forth and be called Jabberwock, of which the blood-bards sing!&#8221;</p><p></p> <p>No border stopped the Jabberwock. No town could near it thrive.<br /> No forest stand, no castle halt, nor Solar Sword divide.<br /> The Solar Warchild, Beaming Boy, his golden blades denied,<br /> threw down his arms and his defeat cried to the open skies.</p> <p></p><p><br /> But hark! Some windsome spirit comes the weeping Exalt near,<br /> And words of hope and eavesdropping drops sweetly in his ear!<br /> &#8220;The Chrysophage, O Dawning One, whose Beast you tussle with?<br /> I heard it caution, &#8216;Suffer not a <span class="caps">BANDERSNATCH</span> to live!&#8217;&#8221;</p><br /> <p><br /> Now hope grew large within the breast of stalwart Beaming Boy!<br /> His golden blades the <span class="caps">BANDERSNATCH</span> had no power to avoid!<br /> He slew the beast and with its claws a cunning Twilight plied.<br /> Behold the <span class="caps">CLAWS</span> OF <span class="caps">BANDERSNATCH</span>! The gleaming, golden-dyed!</p> <p></p><p><br /> Behold the foe of Jabberwock its downfall thus devise!<br /> Behold how back to flattened lands the Solar fairly flies!<br /> There without tree, nor tower, nor ladder, the air itself he climbed.<br /> There fell from great and lofty heights upon the Beastly slime!</p><br /> <p><br /> And writhe as might the Jabberwock, and change as twould its shape<br /> The claws of lowly <span class="caps">BANDERSNATCH</span> it never could escape!<br /> Its slimy spine the claws did split and bare its knotty back<br /> And right against its seamy heart the claws went snicker-snack!</p><br /> <p><br /> That is the tale of <span class="caps">BANDERSNATCH</span> and hero Beaming Boy<br /> The Solar who to ruin brought the Chrysophage&#8217;s toy!<br /> And ever and anon you&#8217;ll hear, no weapon is the match,<br /> Of those same deadly gloves of war, the <span class="caps">CLAWS</span> OF <span class="caps">BANDERSNATCH</span>! </p></p> Road Rage Haiku 2003-07-07T22:23:21+00:00 2008-05-25T19:51:08+00:00 <div style="margin-top: 50px; margin-bottom: 50px"><center> Seventy too slow<br /> Sunlit Interstate left lane<br /> Get out of my way </center></div>