Posts tagged with "paracosmonaut press" - Faerye Net 2008-11-19T00:27:50+00:00 Felicity Shoulders First Ever Chapbook: The Lonely Mecha-Dragon 2008-11-19T00:27:50+00:00 2009-10-16T23:57:36+00:00 <p>Through dangers untold, and hardships unnumbered&#8230;okay, mostly through printing problems and logistical errors, including some on my part (Captain&#8217;s Log: must&#8230;tell&#8230;artist&#8230;project due date!), I have produced my first ever chapbook. Well, once I stitched one together in a Book Arts class my pal <a href="" target="links">Julie Madsen</a> taught, but only a real completionist is going to argue that counts.</p> <p>My first chapbook, brought into existence for the occasion of <a href="" target="links">Orycon 30</a>, consists of the (hopefully) humorous story <em>The Lonely Mecha-Dragon</em>, briefly published on this website and now polished into chapbook form. Most notably, it now has <a href="" target="links">cover art</a> by my fabulous friend <a href="" target="links">Amanda Van Howe</a>, who came through under duress with a lovely, classic mecha-dragon. Classic except for being mecha, that is! She is a very gifted illustrator and artiste and I feel very lucky.</p> <p><em>The Lonely Mecha-Dragon</em>, by Felicity Shoulders under the auspices of (coughherselfcough) Paracosmonaut Press, is a limited edition of 100, hand-numbered by the author! I will also sign them if given the slightest provocation. How can you get them? Well, first of all, by being named in the &#8220;Thanks&#8221; section (there go five or six of one-hundred), second of all, by coming to Orycon and paying the low, low Orycon price, and third of all&#8230;yet to be determined. Watch this space. But not for too long, you might get pixel-burn on your eyes.</p>