Posts tagged with "nanowrimo" - Faerye Net 2005-11-30T22:07:08+00:00 Felicity Shoulders I surrender. 2005-11-30T22:07:08+00:00 2008-06-08T16:30:51+00:00 <p>I&#8217;m beginning to think that I am, by nature, an optimist. Certainly as I sit here on the last day of my visit to my parents, a visit I rashly envisioned leaving plenty of time to write another 5,000 words on my <a href="" target="links">NaNoWriMo novel</a>, I seem to have been irrationally so. After all, I thought, surely I&#8217;ll <em>need</em> to sneak off by myself and steal a little time alone with <a href="" target="links">Puck</a>. I&#8217;ll need to get away from the bustle of people at Thanksgiving! I&#8217;ll have an hour or two to myself after my parents go to bed!</p> <p>HA. NO. I <em>may</em> manage to squeeze out another chapter tonight, thus pushing me a little farther over a measly 10% of my goal. Why have I failed in the challenge? I wasn&#8217;t strict enough with myself about it, of course, but also, I think I failed utterly to just <em>produce</em> without caring much about quality. I rather like my cheesy little story. And for that reason, I shall not leave off as the clock strikes twelve tonight. I shall carry on, I hope, until it is finished. Maybe, just maybe, before November of next year. (I&#8217;m trying to temper my optimism&#8230;)</p> <p><b>Update:</b> 12.466% of goal. Tra-la!</p> What's in a hat? 2005-11-10T23:11:25+00:00 2008-06-08T16:37:30+00:00 <p>As some of you may have noticed with disapprobation, Saul Jordan, the hero of my <a href="" target="links">NaNoWriMo pulp novel</a>, remains vaguely defined. In part this is because all the world knows the features of Saul Jordan&#8217;s face from his previous adventures (sorry, I do love my own pulp pretensions); in part it is because the combined clich&mdash; I mean, <em>power</em>&mdash; of Saul&#8217;s description might bust your noggins; and in part this is because I figure it is unnecessary. However, one piece of his description IS necessary. It shades his firm jaw and sets off his gunmetal grey eyes. However, I cannot bring myself to define it.</P> <p>Perhaps the problem is that Saul Jordan wears many <em>metaphorical</em> chapeaux. He is a cynical, world-weary private detective; an international man of mystery; a decorated war hero. These roles cannot be subsumed into one hat. Moreover, what hat can I use? Given Saul Jordan&#8217;s true-blue history as an ace fighter pilot, I <em>had</em> to have his non-PI wear include a flight jacket. Therefore, he absolutely cannot wear the hat which his PI role would imply: a fedora. Saul Jordan is not a cheap Indiana Jones knockoff! Saul Jordan is a cheap Sam Spade/Indiana Jones/Jack Colton/Flash Gordon/Lucky Starr/Richard Seaton knockoff. (I&#8217;m keeping my options open.)</p> <p>The fedora ruled out, what is a girl to do? He can&#8217;t wear a pilot&#8217;s helmet to match his flight jacket. That would just be <em>weird</em>, and besides, <em>Sky Captain</em> was too disappointing for any part of it that didn&#8217;t involve Angelina Jolie kicking ass to influence my hero. </p><p>He cannot wear a cap, as styled by news boys, Eponine, Bertram Wooster and myself. Not only would it be below his dignity, but on Planet Hard-Boiled, only the most coffee-and-doughnut loogan wears a cap. It&#8217;s a symbol of the lowliest thug, not the loftiest hero. </p><p>So what then? Every other felt dress hat is too wimpy or too evil. Pith helmet? <span class="caps">PLEASE</span>. Aussie hat? I do not plan on putting velociraptors in my story (though I keep my options open.) Cowboy hat? Urgh. We are from <em>Chicago</em>, people. We are not <em>every</em> steely-eyed American stereotype. I&#8217;m sorry, Johnny Ringo, but that even goes for <a href="" target="pics">the best evil cowboy hat evar</a>. (The best good cowgirl hat, incidentally, was worn by <a href="" target="pics">Prue on <em>Charmed</em></a>. I want this hat as I have never wanted a cowboy hat before.)</p> <p>All this nattering aside, where am I left? Is Saul Jordan, besides being the greatest hero of his generation, the only man in that generation not to wear a hat? In sunny, high-altitude Peru? Would a hero be that stupid?</p> Here there be pulp! 2005-11-04T22:43:15+00:00 2008-07-27T13:15:13+00:00 <p>I have finally followed through and begun the epic tale of Saul Jordan and <em>The Bride of the Golden God</em>. 1,199 words down&#8230;48,801 words to go!</p><p><a href="">Go read it</a> if you&#8217;re so inclined!</p> Attack of the NaNoWriMo! 2005-11-02T03:01:26+00:00 2008-06-09T15:04:03+00:00 <p>I had meant to inaugurate <a href="" target="links">National Novel-Writing Month</a>/<a href="" target="links">Personal Pulpy Power Month</a> with a first chapter on the first of the month, but, well, I was busy learning some rudimentary bits of css and xsl in order to piece together the cover, binding and title page of <a href="" target="links"><em>The Case of Saul Jordan and the Bride of the Golden God</em></a>. In order to satisfy my two totally contradictory biggest fans, I&#8217;m serializing the NaNoWriMo efforts, but on a different blog. I&#8217;ll let you know when there&#8217;s more to see.</p> NaNoWriMo looms -- what SHALL our intrepid heroine do? 2005-10-17T12:30:15+00:00 2008-06-09T16:30:00+00:00 <p>I have never taken part in <a href="" target="links">National Novel Writing Month</a> before this year. I have quite enough novels half-written without adding a sub-par rush-job to the stash, thank you very much! But for some reason I feel like doing it this year. I feel like writing a terribly pulpy novel with international intrigue, hard-boiled dialogue, and quite possibly <em>violence</em>. Why do I feel like doing this? The spirit of procrastination delaying my &#8216;quality&#8217; novels? Shouldering the burden laid down by sister sledge last year? I am not sure, but I think I&#8217;ll have to go with Captain Kirk on this one. Because it&#8217;s there.</p> <p>Now taking opinions on whether to serialize the thing here or on another blog, or to wait until it&#8217;s done and post all 50,000 words of it somewheres. To leave your opinion, please press the friendly &#8216;Post Comment&#8217; link and type after the beep<strong>.</p> <p></strong>I&#8217;m lying. Please don&#8217;t wait for a beep.</p>