Posts tagged with "meme" - Faerye Net 2009-01-08T23:51:06+00:00 Felicity Shoulders Razzerframmit 2009-01-08T23:51:06+00:00 2009-01-08T23:51:12+00:00 <p>I do my best to avoid these blog-meme thingummies, but if Ryan, King Curmudgeon and Captain Crankypants, has <a href="" target="links">accepted the tag and passed it on</a>, it must be a powerful tag. I absolutely refuse to perpetuate the cycle by tagging people though. I have some scruples. Also, I am not sure there are seven bloggers I wouldn&#8217;t feel mean tagging who haven&#8217;t done this months ago.</p> <p>I do, however, blabber a great deal. So you may very well know all of these already.</p> <h1>Seven Things You Probably Don&#8217;t Know About Me, yada yada</h1> <p>1. <strong>I had a speech impediment for a while as a child.</strong> It&#8217;s hard to describe. It was rather like a stammer, but not quite, and seemed to be caused by overexcitement.</p> <p>2. <strong>I am allergic to cats, but Qubit has largely cured me.</strong> I type this with Her Majesty in my lap (and, ooph, over my right arm.) For most of my life, having a cat in this proximity to my mucus membranes would have made life an unbearable torment. Now I can pet her, scritch her, and give her nose-kisses. Qubit has built up in my system like allergy shots. Or she&#8217;s magic, take your pick.</p> <p>3. <strong>As a youngster, I believed Ewoks really lived in the Redwood Forest.</strong> When your parents tell you the Endor scenes were filmed there, what are you <em>supposed</em> to think?</p> <p>4. <strong>I have a hard time remembering easy names.</strong> Especially simple female names. I think it&#8217;s a side effect of growing up in a family with extremely unusual names for all the women.</p> <p>5. <strong>One of my legs is slightly longer than the other.</strong> I think it&#8217;s genetic, as my dad has the same leg shorter by the same amount.</p> <p>6. <strong>I played the violin and the clarinet for a year each before starting the oboe.</strong> After I quit the violin, my parents wanted me to prove I could commit to something before they shelled out for an oboe rental, and the family had a wooden clarinet I could borrow. I also played the piano for five years, but I&#8217;m sure more of ye know that.</p> <p>7. <strong>I don&#8217;t like touching rough brown kraft paper.</strong> It often gives me a flinch, like hearing nails on a blackboard might. Huzzah for cloth grocery bags!</p> <p>There. Go forth, and be untagged if ye will, and tagged if ye&#8217;d rather! And blame <a href="" target="links">Ryan</a> for all this blather.</a></p> <p><font size=1>Official Rules, which I shamelessly disregard:</p> <ul> <li>Link your original tagger(s), and list these rules on your blog.</li> <li>Share seven facts about yourself in the post — some random, some weird.</li> <li>Tag seven people at the end of your post by leaving their names and the links to their blogs.</li> <li>Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their blogs and/or Twitter.</font></li> </ul> Book meme 2007-10-27T21:06:32+00:00 2008-06-03T12:28:46+00:00 <p>I&#8217;m not much of one for bloggy memes in general, but this one appealed to me. I got it from <a href="" target="links">a friend</a>. &#8220;These are the top 106 books most often marked as &#8220;unread&#8221; by LibraryThing&#8217;s users (as of 10/2/07).&#8221; <b>Bold</b> is what I&#8217;ve read, <em>italics</em> I have begun but not finished, <del>strikethrough</del> is supposed to be for things one hated. <u>Underlining</u> is supposed to be things that are on one&#8217;s to-read list, but I can&#8217;t really do that, because 80% of the things on here I haven&#8217;t read I should&#8212;and I don&#8217;t really want to admit which I don&#8217;t plan to read! Oh, and asterisks are for things you&#8217;ve read more than once. See why I don&#8217;t do these things? Complex.</p> <p> Jonathan Strange &#38; Mr. Norrell<br /> <b>Anna Karenina</b><br /> <b>Crime and Punishment</b><br /> Catch-22<br /> One Hundred Years of Solitude<br /> <b>Wuthering Heights</b><br /> The Silmarillion<br /> Don Quixote<br /> <b>Moby Dick</b><br /> Life of Pi: a novel<br /> The Name of the Rose<br /> Ulysses<br /> The Brothers Karamazov<br /> <em>Jane Eyre</em> (It&#8217;s not its fault, it was someone else&#8217;s audiobook and the trip ended)<br /> <b>The Odyssey</b><br /> <b>Pride and Prejudice&#42;<br /> A Tale of Two Cities&#42;</b><br /> Guns, Germs, and Steel: the fates of human societies<br /> War and Peace<br /> Vanity Fair<br /> <b>The Iliad</b><br /> Mrs. Dalloway<br /> <em>Great Expectations</em> (kind of embarrassing&#8212;I&#8217;ve read most of it three times, and the last chapter, separately&#8230;eek)<br /> The Kite Runner<br /> The Blind Assassin<br /> <b>Emma</b>&#42;<br /> The Time Traveler&#8217;s Wife<br /> <em>American Gods</em><br /> Atlas Shrugged<br /> Quicksilver<br /> <em>Wicked: the life and times of the wicked witch of the West</em> (I was planning to finish this so I could scathe it properly, but I haven&#8217;t found the will.)<br /> <b>The Canterbury Tales&#42;</b><br /> Middlesex<br /> Memoirs of a Geisha<br /> Reading Lolita in Tehran: a memoir in books<br /> The Historian: a novel<br /> A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man<br /> Love in the Time of Cholera<br /> <b>Brave New World</b><br /> The Fountainhead<br /> Foucault&#8217;s Pendulum<br /> <em>Middlemarch</em> (too young)<br /> <b>Frankenstein&#42;</b><br /> <b>The Count of Monte Cristo</b><br /> <b>Dracula</b><br /> A Clockwork Orange<br /> Anansi Boys<br /> The Once and Future King<br /> The Grapes of Wrath<br /> <b>The Poisonwood Bible: a novel</b><br /> <b>1984</b><br /> Angels &#38; Demons<br /> The Inferno<br /> The Satanic Verses<br /> <b>Sense and Sensibility</b><br /> The Picture of Dorian Gray<br /> <b>Mansfield Park&#42;</b><br /> <b>One Flew Over the Cuckoo&#8217;s Nest</b><br /> <em>To the Lighthouse</em> (I have no excuse.)<br /> <em><del>Tess of the D&#8217;Urbervilles</del></em><br /> <b>Oliver Twist&#42;</b><br /> <b>Gulliver&#8217;s Travels</b><br /> <b>Les Miserables</b><br /> The Corrections<br /> The Amazing adventures of Kavalier and Clay<br /> The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time<br /> <b>Dune&#42;</b><br /> The Prince<br /> The Sound and the Fury<br /> <em>Angela&#8217;s Ashes: a memoir</em><br /> <b>The God of Small Things</b><br /> A People&#8217;s History of the United States : 1492-present<br /> <em>Cryptonomicon</em><br /> <b>Neverwhere&#42;</b><br /> A Confederacy of Dunces<br /> A Short History of Nearly Everything<br /> <em>Dubliners</em> (You try to listen to an audiobook the cats don&#8217;t like while you&#8217;re driving them hundreds of miles)<br /> The Unbearable Lightness of Being<br /> <b>Beloved</b><br /> <b>Slaughterhouse-Five</b><br /> <b>The Scarlet Letter</b><br /> Eats, Shoots &#38; Leaves<br /> <b>The Mists of Avalon</b><br /> Oryx and Crake : a novel<br /> Cloud Atlas<br /> The Confusion<br /> Lolita<br /> <b>Persuasion</b><br /> <b>Northanger Abbey</b><br /> <b>The Catcher in the Rye</b><br /> <b>On the Road</b><br /> <b>The Hunchback of Notre Dame&#42;</b><br /> Freakonomics : a Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything<br /> Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: an Inquiry into Values<br /> <b>The Aeneid</b><br /> <em>Watership Down</em><br /> Gravity&#8217;s Rainbow<br /> <b>The Hobbit&#42;</b><br /> White Teeth<br /> Treasure Island<br /> <b>David Copperfield</b><br /> <b>The Three Musketeers</b></p>