Posts tagged with "long night on redrock" - Faerye Net 2012-05-09T23:49:54+00:00 Felicity Shoulders "Long Night on Redrock" is on newsstands! 2012-05-09T23:49:54+00:00 2012-05-09T23:50:16+00:00 <p>The July 2012 issue of <a href="" target="links"><em>Asimov&#8217;s Science Fiction</em></a> is out on a real or virtual newsstand near you! My novelette &#8220;Long Night on Redrock&#8221; is the cover story, with art by Tomislav Tikulin!</p> <center> <p><a href="" target="links"><br /> <img src="" border="0" /><br /> </a></p> </center> <p><strong>Note:</strong> The table of contents mistakenly lists &#8220;Long Night on Redrock&#8221; as a short story &#8212; it&#8217;s a novelette, I promise. A very long one, at that!</p> <p>&#8220;Long Night on Redrock&#8221; is different from my previously published science fiction in many respects: it&#8217;s by far my longest published work, and it&#8217;s set on a different planet in the far future, just for starters. It was an enjoyable challenge to write, and I&#8217;m really excited for readers to see it. Please, get out there and read it! Especially if you love space marines. (What am I talking about, everyone loves space marines!) You can read a short teaser <a href="" target="links">in this earlier blog post!</a> Or if I had you at &#8220;space marines&#8221;, go get a copy!</p> <p><strong>Getting a paper copy:</strong> Traditional newsstands often carry <em>Asimov’s</em>. Many Barnes &amp; Noble locations carry it, but it’s best to call ahead if you’ve never seen it at that particular store before. You can&#8217;t miss it, it&#8217;s the one with the awesome lion roaring, and my name on it!</p> <p><strong>Getting a paper copy in Portland:</strong> If you&#8217;re local, you can shop local at <a href="" target="links">Rich’s Cigar Store</a>, which carries <em>Asimov’s</em> in their extensive magazine collection. The main store on SW Alder has the most copies. Also, the main store will ship magazines to out-of-town customers &#8212; just give them a call if you&#8217;re in a fix.</blockquote></p> <p><strong>Getting a digital version:</strong> <em>Asimov&#8217;s</em> is available in <a href="" target="links">kindle edition</a> and <a href="" target="links">several other formats</a> &#8212; in case you, like my characters, live in the future.</p> "Long Night on Redrock" is the cover story for the July Asimov's! 2012-04-24T12:43:52+00:00 2012-04-25T11:25:59+00:00 <p>Remember my novelette, <a href="" target="links">&#8220;Long Night on Redrock&#8221;</a>, which will be appearing in the July 2012 issue of <em><a href="" target="links">Asimov&#8217;s Science Fiction</a></em>? It is the cover story for that issue!</p> <p>I discovered last week that science fiction and fantasy illustrator <a href="" target="links">Tomislav Tikulin</a> had done a painting titled &#8220;Long Night on Redrock&#8221; which was clearly an illustration of my story, and yesterday I received confirmation in the form of contributor copies in my mailbox.</p> <center><a href="" title="July 2012 Asimov's contributor copies by Felicity Shoulders, on Flickr"><img src="" width="375" height="500" border="0" alt="July 2012 Asimov's contributor copies"></a></center> <p>If you&#8217;d like to see the full painting, take a look on Mr. Tikulin&#8217;s website <a href="" target="links">here</a> &#8212; it&#8217;s pretty gorgeous.</p> <p>I&#8217;ve never had my name on the cover of a magazine before, let alone had my story named and illustrated on the cover. I&#8217;m over the moon! If not over the titular desert planet of Redrock. Which is in that painting. Along with my main characters. And certain other story elements. On the cover of <em>Asimov&#8217;s</eM>. Sorry, still getting used to this!</p> <p>The issue should be arriving in subscribers&#8217; mailboxes or on their Kindles soon, and it&#8217;ll be on newsstands May 8. I&#8217;m really excited about this story, which is again a little different from most I&#8217;ve had published. Read the teaser <a href="" target="links">in my original post</a> and look for it in the July issue! On the cover!</p> Novelette sold to Asimov's: "Long Night on Redrock" 2011-10-19T18:26:51+00:00 2011-10-19T18:27:24+00:00 <p>I am overjoyed to announce my second novelette sale! This one is far-future science fiction, and it will appear in <a href="" target="links"><em>Asimov&#8217;s Science Fiction</em></a>.</p> <p>Many thanks to my lovely readers! It wasn&#8217;t hard to find them for this piece, because it turns out <em>everyone loves space marines</em>. Even retired ones.</p> <p>Here is a teaser of my novelette! You&#8217;ll know more about where to find the rest of it as soon as I do:</p> <blockquote> <center><strong>Long Night on Redrock</strong></center> <p>“If you’re exploring the town, you should stop walking,” Peder Finn called down from his porch. The stranger, a fair-haired man bent under a backpack, paused at the gate. Peder pegged him for an offworlder. A dozen telltales said as much; from his low-topped shoes, likely to let in sand, to his unshaded eyes, without tanned-in squint or sunglass marks. It was almost aynid harvest, a suspicious time for an offworlder to come visiting.</p> <p>The man took in the dusty yard, where Peder’s children had lined and stacked rocks into an imaginary city and set a carved toy horse on an overturned bucket to reign. Finally his gaze settled on Peder, who had paused in carving another toy, a long strip of synthwood still hanging from his knife.</p> <p>Peder produced a noncommittal smile. “Nothing that way you want to visit.”</blockquote></p>