Posts tagged with "house" - Faerye Net 2010-06-14T23:03:04+00:00 Felicity Shoulders Dream Locations 2010-06-14T23:03:04+00:00 2010-06-14T23:10:31+00:00 <p>I recently visited the <a href="" target="links">Kennedy School McMenamin&#8217;s</a> for the first time, and upon driving into the parking lot, was a little disturbed. Despite being quite certain I&#8217;d never been there &#8212; and despite its being a glorious summer afternoon &#8212; I remembered being there in a dim twilight, issuing out of the double doors and milling in half-reluctant revelry with familiar strangers. In short, I&#8217;d dreamed about a place that looked quite like it.</p> <p>Usually my dreams take place in locales I <em>have</em> actually visited, but I find they often are set in the same places, over and over. There was a house of a casual schoolfriend that appeared often &#8212; this confused me until I realized it shared a layout with at least six other houses visited in my suburban childhood. I also have the odd dream set in the house where I grew up &#8212; we lived there 12 years, after all. One thing I notice about indoor dreams is the presence of stairways. The dream-images of my childhood house are of the basement stairs, or the kitchen nook between them and the upstairs flight. That friend&#8217;s house, the oft-repeated house with the familiar layout? A split-level. I&#8217;m usually coming in the front door.</p> <p>Almost every dream I&#8217;ve had set in my high school, too, during and after my stay, was set in the great hall or the two stairwells that bracketed it &#8212; going up to a mezzanine, down to a basement. Small surprise, then, that after over a month&#8217;s cumulative substitute-teaching in that remodeled school, I still occasionally head for a stairway that isn&#8217;t there.</p> <p>What locales recur in your dreams?</p>