Posts tagged with "goalsetting" - Faerye Net 2011-02-25T13:33:34+00:00 Felicity Shoulders Fame-o-meter Malfunction 2011-02-25T13:33:34+00:00 2011-02-25T13:34:16+00:00 <p>So, I haven&#8217;t had much to blog since the <a href="" target="links">big news</a>. It was probably the strain of keeping that news a secret that has left me so curiously untalkative. I have a volcano metaphor here involving andesitic lava, pressure buildup and pyroclastic flows, but I&#8217;ll spare you.</p> <p>At any rate, the other day Ryan asked me how this nomination affects the reading on my <a href="" target="links">Fame-o-meter</a>. So I went and dug up the trusty old device (now actually the <a href="" target="links">Fame-o-meter Mark 2</a>) and discovered how this nomination affects it: it shows that once again it is completely miscalibrated and must be replaced. Because how the heck is it supposed to register something way up there without hitting any of the intervening marks? How am I to suspend the (figurative) colored sand up there? Waste of anti-grav.</p> <center><a href="" title="Fame-o-Meter Mark 2 has failed by Felicity Shoulders, on Flickr"><img src="" width="380" height="500" alt="Fame-o-Meter Mark 2 has failed" border="0" /></a></center> <p>Time to design the Mark 3, I suppose.</p> <p>I feel a little silly posting the thing here, but perhaps I shouldn&#8217;t. I&#8217;ve remarked before that it&#8217;s very easy to focus on the next thing &#8211; in any part of life, but particularly in writing. You get your first story accepted and after the euphoria fades, you start worrying that you&#8217;re going to be a one-hit wonder. You get another story accepted, and you find something new to worry about. What if I never get any fantasy published? Shouldn&#8217;t I have finished a novel by now?</p> <p>It&#8217;s good to keep moving, keep writing, keep sending out, but it&#8217;s also good not to jettison today&#8217;s accomplishment and today&#8217;s happiness. The life of a writer is hard enough without embracing a continuous cycle of discontent.</p> <p>The Fame-o-Meter exercise also helped me focus on the things that were important to me, from the sublime and unlikely (&#8220;Interviewed on Fresh Air&#8221;) to the picayune but personally significant (&ldquo;Have to change <a href="" target="links"><span class="caps">FNAQ</span></a> to FAQ&quot;). There are many things outside the scope of the Fame-o-Meter. Maybe they&#8217;ll make the cut when I formulate a new version, maybe not. But this keeps me focused on the things that <em>are</em> important to me, like getting stories in front of readers, and my lifelong obsession with <a href="" target="links">Powell&#8217;s Books</a>.</p> <p>What&#8217;s on your Fame-o-Meter?</p> Fame-o-Meter unveiled 2008-09-24T14:48:55+00:00 2008-09-24T14:50:34+00:00 <p>This gadget has existed in my brain for long eons (you might say the Mark 0 lacked substance.) However, I found myself referring to it the other day, as <a href="">someone I met once attained one of the Fame-o-Meter&#8217;s highest tiers</a>. That was the push I needed to make the thing real as part of the Felicity Self-Encouragement Wall (TM, under construction, buy tickets now).</p> <center><a href="" title="Fame-o-Meter Mark 1 by Eilonwy Anne, on Flickr"><img src="" width="375" height="500" border="0" alt="Fame-o-Meter Mark 1" /></a></center> <p>I&#8217;m not entirely satisfied that the rankings reflect the importance of the events, and I&#8217;m sure that in my haste to fill in the pre-existing benchmarks (Powell&#8217;s pillar, &#8220;Fresh Air&#8221;) with others, mistakes have been made. By me. However, calling it &#8220;Mark 1&#8221; wiggles me out of that <em>nicely</em>. As you can see, I aim both high and low. I hope to someday get prizes and such, but I have not put movie deals or TV interviews on the scale. What can I say? I try to be ambitious but reasonable.</p>