Posts tagged with "german" - Faerye Net 2005-10-14T10:42:16+00:00 Felicity Shoulders Must...learn...German! 2005-10-14T10:42:16+00:00 2009-12-16T12:30:33+00:00 <p>I&#8217;ve figured for a while that German would be approximately six barrels of monkeys to learn and speak. It first came upon me whilst singing a Bach hymn that sounded like a drinking song, back in high school. And today, the resolution to learn this language came upon me with renewed force. For I am researching logistics for the World Cup in Germany. I am not sure what kind of flight or flying machine <b>flugzeug</b> might be (pronounced something like <em>floog-tsoig</em>, I would guess), but by all the Muses, a language that can produce a word like that is one that I should know.</P> <p>Other gems:<br /> <ul><li><b>flughafen</b>. I&#8217;ve heard this before, but it never gets old. (means &#8216;airport&#8217;.)</li> <li>Judging from the English site, <b>unsere zimmer</b> means &#8216;our rooms&#8217;, but I seriously assumed it meant &#8216;the height of luxury&#8217; at first (the photos assisted me in forming that impression.) How much more fun is &#8216;zimmer&#8217; than borin&#8217; old &#8216;room&#8217;? I ask you.</li> <li><b>Freizeit</b> sounds a bit more excitable than &#8216;leisure&#8217;, but I&#8217;m sure I could get used to it.</li> <li><b>lichtdurchflutete</b>. I infer this means &#8216;furnished&#8217;. I am speechless.</li></p>