Posts tagged with "experiment" - Faerye Net 2008-07-18T11:15:07+00:00 Felicity Shoulders Experiment 2008-07-18T11:15:07+00:00 2008-07-18T11:16:28+00:00 <p>Yesterday I undertook to count cars that turned without using their turn signals. I thought I&#8217;d count until I saw just one that <span class="caps">DID</span> use the signal. I was extremely &#8211; one might even say over- &#8211; scrupulous, for I ignored the six or seven cars who appeared not to use their signals but could conceivably have blinked once or twice at the beginning or end of their turn without my seeing. Only turning, not merging, was considered. I also gave a pass to cars turning into parking spaces, just to be expansively generous.</p> <p>So, having let so many fish escape my net, how many cars did I see <span class="caps">IN A ROW</span> turn without using their signals? <span class="caps">NINE</span>.</p> <p><span class="caps">NINE</span>. No wonder I write <a href="">sarcastic rants</a> about the signal use in the Valley. And let&#8217;s not get into how many people actually look both ways before turning onto a busy street.</p>