Posts tagged with "escape pod" - Faerye Net 2011-02-11T21:24:29+00:00 Felicity Shoulders Love for "Conditional Love": Escape Pod and Locus List 2011-02-11T21:24:29+00:00 2011-03-03T23:14:46+00:00 <p>So! I had some lovely news earlier this week, and a nice surprise this morning, but I never claimed to be consistently chronological: last things first.</p> <p><strong>&#8220;Conditional Love&#8221; on Escape Pod</strong><br /> As I <a href="" target="links">announced</a> in September, my story &#8220;Conditional Love&#8221; was accepted for publication by <a href="" target="links">the one and only <em>Escape Pod</em></a>, the fabulous science fiction podcast. Its episode, #279, went live today! My story is read by Mur Lafferty, the host and editor of the podcast, and I&#8217;m pretty thrilled with it! (As you can tell by my running through today&#8217;s quota of exclamation marks in the first two paragraphs of this post. Damn, how will I finish the post now? With an illusion of decorum, I wager.)</p> <p><em>Escape Pod</em> is free: you can download <a href="" target="links">Episode #279</a> or stream it from the show&#8217;s website <a href="" target="links">here</a>. It will also be available on iTunes (still free!) in the near future, and of course if you subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, the new episode will turn up in due course.</p> <p>This is a big first for me. It&#8217;s an exciting, yet embarrassing gratification to hear my words read back from my laptop in Mur&#8217;s assured tones. Go, listen! Make my ears even redder!</p> <p><strong>&#8220;Conditional Love&#8221; on the 2010 Locus Recommended Reading List</strong><br /> <em><a href="" target="links">Locus Magazine</a></em> published their <a href="" target="links">2010 Recommended Reading List</a> last week, and &#8220;Conditional Love&#8221; is among the recommended short stories. (Must&#8230;not&#8230;use&#8230;exclamation points.) The list is full of really splendid pieces of short fiction that I enjoyed this year (as well as novels that I intend to enjoy at some point in the future) and seeing my story in that company is dizzying.</p> <p>The Locus List is, of course, also the initial <a href="" target="links">ballot for the 2010 Locus Awards</a>.</p> <p>Rumors of my tossing my dinner aside in order to rip open the February 2011 issue of <em>Locus</em> and see this list again <em>on paper</em> are surely exaggerated. After all, that dinner contained fried okra. And I have decorum. I managed to delete all the extra exclamation points from this post, didn&#8217;t I? Oh, except those two. Damn.</p> "Conditional Love" to appear in Escape Pod podcast! 2010-09-22T02:15:13+00:00 2010-10-03T12:52:27+00:00 <p>If you missed <a href="" target="links">&#8220;Conditional Love&#8221;</a> when it appeared in January&#8217;s <em><a href="" target="links">Asimov&#8217;s Science Fiction</a></em>, you will have another chance! I found out today that <a href="" target="links"><em>Escape Pod</em></a> bought my story!</p> <p>I&#8217;ve been listening to <em>Escape Pod</em> for a while (although my reluctance to take walks whilst the daystar is holding its cruel summer sway has led to a podcast backlog) and it is a consistently excellent podcast. I am extremely glad to have my story there, and I look forward to hearing what they do with it!</p>