Posts tagged with "egotism" - Faerye Net 2007-06-27T19:09:01+00:00 Felicity Shoulders End Notes 2007-06-27T19:09:01+00:00 2009-10-11T10:03:25+00:00 <p>Once again, I hear people saying that we have reached the end of days. When I hear or read these words, I stare.</p> <p>Do they not know that every two generations feels the grip of armageddon? That the Visigoths, the Vikings, the coming of Genghis Khan were all seen as clear signs of the end? </p><p>When you say to me that you &#8220;know we are in the end times,&#8221; you say nothing about the world. You tell me that you do not care to consider the sweep of human history. You tell me you are trapped in &#8220;the ghetto of the here and now.&#8221;* You have never imagined the fearful Roman potter listening to the sounds of battle, the despair of the monk whose brothers are slaughtered, the boy running to warn the village of the approaching horde. How can you lack the curiosity, the empathy to realize that this despair is the common lot of man? How can you not even have imagined the thoughts of a woman crouched in a bomb shelter, smelling the top of her baby&#8217;s head, hoping not to hear above the radio&#8217;s talk of Cuba the dim reverberations of the world&#8217;s end?</p> <p>*In a craft talk, David Long described the world without reading as &#8220;the ghetto of the here and now.&#8221;</P> POOR man's latte? 2007-05-07T23:59:12+00:00 2008-06-08T13:28:53+00:00 <p>There&#8217;s a petty little custom I was taught at Queequeg&#8217;s Qoffee Qasa to call &#8220;the poor man&#8217;s latte&#8221;. Someone comes in and orders a few shots of espresso, but over ice in a big cup. He then fills the cup the rest of the way with half-and-half from the condiment bar, usually shielding it with his body because somehow he thinks the Queequeg Qrew doesn&#8217;t get precisely what he&#8217;s doing. He thus gets an iced breve latte for significantly less money.</p> <p>Some people say, &#8220;Where&#8217;s the harm?&#8221; It&#8217;s worth debating, perhaps. It cheeses off the brewed coffee and americano customers (for whom the half-and-half is provided) to find the pitcher empty constantly because some yabbo took 16 ounces of it. It creates more labor for the Qrew to constantly replenish the condiment pitchers because of this (which probably, unless the company higher-ups are very clever, will eventually result in the brewed coffee prices going up.) It also signals an amazing lack of self-awareness (&#8220;I am totally the first person to think of this, and those Queequeggers have NO idea I&#8217;ve hoodwinked them!&#8221;) and self-respect. Really, guys, you aren&#8217;t Jean Valjean stealing a loaf of bread. You&#8217;re not Robin Hood stickin&#8217; it to the man. You&#8217;re trying to get a fancy-ass espresso drink for cheap. How petty.</p> <p>And in case anyone thinks, &#8220;Oh, they probably really can&#8217;t afford the drink they want! Poor bebbies!&#8221; I&#8217;d like to share my amazement. The other day a guy ordered a poor man&#8217;s latte in a particularly annoying way. He asked for straight shots of espresso with flavored syrup, then asked the Qrew-member at the handoff for a cup of ice; thus an extra cup was expended so he could feel as if he&#8217;d deceived the Qrew. At the condiment bar, he hid his drink with his body as he poured the shots and syrup over the ice and filled it with half-and-half. So wily!</p> <p>Then he threw out the wasted cup and carried his drink to his <em>Hummer H3</em>.</p> <p>I weep for humanity.</p>