Posts tagged with "earthquake" - Faerye Net 2009-01-28T13:02:53+00:00 Felicity Shoulders In praise of post 2009-01-28T13:02:53+00:00 2009-01-28T13:03:26+00:00 <p>If, like me, you have a fondness for postal mail and find paper letters a particularly meaningful way to connect with others, perhaps you will appreciate this report from the aftermath of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake:<br /> <blockquote>&#8230;William Burke, the postmaster&#8217;s secretary, recounted what happened when he took a U.S. Mail sign from a streetcar barn and mounted it on the top of a car he had pressed into service to collect the mail.<br /> <blockquote>&#8220;The effect was electrical. As people saw the machine bearing the mail coming, they cheered and shouted in a state bordering on hysteria. We told them where the collections would be made in the afternoon and asked that they spread the news. As we went into the Presidio there was almost a riot, and the people crowded around the machine and almost blocked its progress. It was evidently taken as the first sign of rehabilitation and, as it proceeded, the mail automobile left hope in its wake&#8230;&#8221;</blockquote>&#8212; Simon Winchester, <em>A Crack in the Edge of the World</em></blockquote></p> <p>Perhaps we take the mail for granted, relying as we so often do now on faster, more ethereal transmissions. But think about it &#8212; for under two bits (for no money at all, in the generous wake of the earthquake) a man or woman you do not know will take your message and ensure it gets to your friends and family. Your piece of paper, your artefact, can cross all the great miles of this country safely and promptly, and assure your family with its very weight and reality that all is well. That&#8217;s civilization.</p> My first earthquake! 2007-10-30T20:34:07+00:00 2008-06-02T11:20:18+00:00 <p>Thus satisfying <a href="" target="links">Reason #1</a> for moving down here, I have been in an earthquake. According to my cousin who has lived in the Bay Area her whole life, it was actually a fairly long one (one doesn&#8217;t like to guess at the duration oneself, being a brand-new quake observer!). It rattled and shook the heebie-jeebies out of our little house, but I haven&#8217;t found a single thing knocked over so far, and the kitties kept their reaction down to a tiny hissy fit. It was very interesting indeed&#8212;I could feel the motion of the <a href="" target="links">Love waves</a>!</p> <p>And, tho&#8217; Ryan poo-pooed me when I said, &#8220;Oh c&#8217;mon, that was pretty significant! That had to be a four or something!&#8221;, it was a 5.6, under fifteen miles away.</p>