Posts tagged with "dog" - Faerye Net 2009-11-02T11:17:08+00:00 Felicity Shoulders Terminator Week: Top Five + Five ways pets are like movie monsters 2009-11-02T11:17:08+00:00 2009-11-02T11:20:53+00:00 <p><em>Spoiler: Still spoiling</em> Terminator<em> after more than a week.</em></p> <p>As we all know &#8212; because surely those who have not watched <em>Terminator</em> have either rectified the oversight or abandoned my blog for the duration of <a href="" target="links">Terminator Week</a> &#8212; at the end of the original film, Sarah Connor has a dog. There is a certain thread of pro-dog propaganda in the Terminator movies which has always led me to believe James Cameron is a dog person. After all, he was stuck with that cat when he made <em>Aliens</em>: it was left over from Ridley Scott.</p> <p>But perhaps something deeper is at play here. Let us consider the Terminator and the Alien.</p> <p><b>5 by 5. Terminators don&#8217;t get along with dogs. Aliens don&#8217;t get along with cats.</b> While they don&#8217;t necessarily eat them, it&#8217;s clear Aliens and cats have a natural antipathy, as manifested in copious hissing. Dogs, on the other hand, flip out when they detect a Terminator.</p> <p><b>4. Terminators keep themselves clean. Aliens slobber.</b> You don&#8217;t see any Aliens heading home to freshen up and check the mirror before continuing their killing sprees.</p> <p><b>3. Terminators are lone predators. Aliens hunt in packs.</b> Yup.</p> <p><b>2. Terminators don&#8217;t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. Aliens are full of family feeling.</b> Now here I&#8217;ll admit the cat/terminator parallel has its flaws &#8212; cats do appear to feel fear, tho&#8217; pity and remorse are quite unlikely. But cats do tend to have a centered self-sufficiency more akin to the autonomous Terminator than the social xenomorph.</p> <p><b>1. Terminators are manipulative. Aliens are straightforward.</b> Either an Alien is going to growl and attack, or he&#8217;s going to sniff and attempt to snuggle you (really, Joss Whedon told me so.) There&#8217;s none of this &#8220;Oh, I&#8217;m just a cute cat, please further my mission goals.&#8221; Sure, currently they wiggle their way into our homes in order to eat food and sleep in the window, not open fire with chainguns, but you can give a Terminator a friendly mission too. Cats are infiltration units. We may love them, but let&#8217;s not let them have access to our launch codes. I don&#8217;t want to know how far this parallel goes.</p>