Posts tagged with "contest" - Faerye Net 2008-12-08T20:46:54+00:00 Felicity Shoulders Little bit o' news 2008-12-08T20:46:54+00:00 2008-12-09T10:26:06+00:00 <p>Sorry I&#8217;ve been a bad blogger of late, folks. I&#8217;ll whip something up soon.</p> <p>At any rate, I wanted to share my little bit of news: check out this list of this quarter&#8217;s <a href="" target="links"> Honorable Mentions in the Writers of the Future Contest</a>. Oh, okay, it&#8217;s a long list, I won&#8217;t make you search. I&#8217;m on there.</p> <p>I was finally convinced to try sending to WotF for the first time this quarter &#8212; I&#8217;m still eligible because I&#8217;ve only had one pro sale. When I decided to start entering, there were only a few days left before the deadline, so I sent in a fabulist short story from my <a href="" target="links">thesis</a> even though I wasn&#8217;t sure it was a great fit for the contest. But it got an Honorable Mention, so I think that constitutes &#8216;encouragement&#8217;. I feel encouraged, at any rate!</p> Oh my oh my oh my 2003-10-15T13:54:32+00:00 2008-11-06T22:49:18+00:00 <P>Should I tell you? You&#8217;re competition! But you&#8217;re my audience&#8230;I shall! <a href="" target="links">Powell&#8217;s</a> is giving away the <a href="" target="links"><span class="caps">OED</span></a> to celebrate that beautiful tome&#8217;s 75th birthday. 20 volumes! A $3,000 value, they say! How can they set a value on that book! How I&#8217;ve missed it since I left the sheltering nest of the <span class="caps">CWRU</span> IP block&#8230;How glorious should it be mine!</p> <p>Hey, I see you entering! It&#8217;s mine! <span class="caps">SCAT</span>!</p>