Posts tagged with "conservation organization" - Faerye Net 2008-06-16T10:31:11+00:00 Felicity Shoulders Does this really work on anyone? 2008-06-16T10:31:11+00:00 2008-06-16T10:31:11+00:00 <p>Since I&#8217;ve been a member of the <a href="">World Wildlife Fund</a> since age 14, my name has gotten on the lists of many conservation organizations. So much so, in fact, that I no longer need to buy return address labels or jot pads. Ever.</p> <p>Regardless of the superfluity of these items that I have accumulated, I save them and I am vaguely pleased by their appearance in my mailbox; it isn&#8217;t just another thing to recycle. I&#8217;m not sure the address labels will have any effect on which organization I add to my giving when my ship comes in, but I have a vague goodwill as a result of them. So they sort of work.</p> <p>You know what doesn&#8217;t work? Putting a celebrity&#8217;s name on the return address label. This week I got yet another letter from Leonardo DiCaprio touting some conservation org. He&#8217;s the biggest offender, but I&#8217;m not excited by getting mail from Paul Newman, either (sorry, sister sledge). In fact, in all my years, I remember being excited by this tactic precisely once: when I was eleven. &#8220;Mommy, Mommy, Bill Clinton wrote to you!&#8221; She smiled indulgently and I learned about boring form letters with star-power return addresses.</p> <p>Does this work on anyone? Is there some sliver of the population so DiCaprio-loving that they will do whatever he broadcasts? Because by sending them to me, they are only moving paper from &#8216;new&#8217; to &#8216;postconsumer&#8217;. And there are never, ever, free address labels in a star-power begging letter.</p>