Posts tagged with "blogroll" - Faerye Net 2008-08-08T13:18:09+00:00 Felicity Shoulders Blogrolinage 2008-08-08T13:18:09+00:00 2008-08-08T13:18:09+00:00 <p>So I finally created a <a href="" target="links">blogroll</a>. I didn&#8217;t do this for a long time because when I first started blogging, it seemed more than likely that people who were reading my blog already knew each other&#8217;s blogs. But now, after my <span class="caps">MFA</span> program, I know a lot more bloggers, so I thought I&#8217;d link them here.</p> <p>This blogroll will eventually be linked in the sidebar under Oddments, as &#8220;Friends&#8221;. I have used real names for bloggers who do so, leaving off last names or using handles by the same criterion. If you&#8217;re a bloggin&#8217; friend of mine and you are not on the list, it may be because I thought you weren&#8217;t updating any more, or because I didn&#8217;t know if linking to you would break your desired level of anonymity. These are not all the blogs I read. That list would be long, fluctuate a great deal, and involve scads of people I don&#8217;t know, let alone call &#8216;friend&#8217;. There are a few blogs I read whose authors I&#8217;ve met only in passing, but don&#8217;t really know, so those aren&#8217;t listed.</p>