Posts tagged with "battlestar galactica" - Faerye Net 2008-12-01T22:47:25+00:00 Felicity Shoulders Battlestar Galactica strikes back 2008-12-01T22:47:25+00:00 2008-12-01T22:48:27+00:00 <p><a href="">Season 2</a> of <em>Battlestar Galactica</em> disappointed me. &#8220;Disappointed me&#8221; is a weak term. It took all my trust and affection and wrung them out of me, then pressure-washed the floor to make sure no traces stained the concrete. Only Fox&#8217;s Cancellation Department (motto: You like it? We kill it!) has ever used TV against me to better effect. So when people said Season 3 was good, I laughed cynically and ran away. When Ryan said he was going to watch it, I performed last rites just in case. When he told me it was &#8216;awesome&#8217;, I told him, &#8220;I&#8217;ll let you sing your canary song from a leeeetle deeper in that mineshaft.&#8221;</p> <p>But Ryan knows me very well. He knows that I love Lucy Lawless, that I&#8217;m insatiably curious, and that I love a good space battle. He bought the premiere in HD. And here I am again, with that horrible tooth-grinding narrative tension settled in my bones. That lean forward from the couch so easily readopted. We&#8217;re so weak, we humans. (I mean, Joss Whedon is <em>working</em> with Fox again. We are a weak species.) Please, <span class="caps">BSG</span>, keep rocking. I don&#8217;t think I can heal again. I&#8217;m taking you back, but don&#8217;t break my heart.</p> Battlestar Galactica Season 2 2006-08-16T14:10:01+00:00 2008-06-08T13:35:16+00:00 <p>I&#8217;ve finally finished Season 2 of <span class="caps">BSG</span>. I have but one sentence:</p> <p><b>What the <span class="caps">FRAK</span> was that?</b></p> Why must the good die young? 2006-04-02T21:09:31+00:00 2008-06-08T14:23:23+00:00 <p>I know they could conceivably pull it out. There are still seconds on the clock, but <em>Battlestar Galactica</em> is infuriatingly bad right now. I&#8217;m still working through a backlog of episodes, but the one I just saw was simply appalling; a paint-by-numbers genero-hostage-crisis&#8230;IN <span class="caps">SPAAAAACE</span>! A script full of holes and painful clich&eacute;s, directed with the world&#8217;s worst &#8220;OMG fly-on-the-wall documentary style&#8221; camerawork and the patronizing idea that we can&#8217;t remember the villain&#8217;s motivations without seeing the goddamn flashback over and over again. Gee, fella, I can&#8217;t remember why Lee&#8217;s in the bar with this girl again, so mebbe you should wobble-shot her boobs to remind us what <em>his</em> motivation is. Cuz I r rilly dum.</p> <p>I really, really hope they secure this shit. Because right now it&#8217;s like watching a show I love die gurgling, and the only thing I can say for it is that, well, it doesn&#8217;t have <a href="" target="links">Kennedy</a> in it.</p>