Posts tagged with "addiction" - Faerye Net 2006-11-09T22:59:53+00:00 Felicity Shoulders The problem with tea 2006-11-09T22:59:53+00:00 2008-06-08T12:28:27+00:00 <p>I am addicted to tea. This I know. I have this idea that, just perhaps, taking down my canisters of tea one after another just to sniff their contents and enjoy the secure and comfortable way the tins close is not normal.</p> <p>But as addictions go, the costs are easy to control, and it actually benefits my health, so I refuse to give it up. The problem is that it grows. I must try new kinds of tea, and I am almost always unwilling to part with an old kind of tea. I prefer to add to my repertoire rather than maintain it at any given size. Recently I&#8217;ve ordered a few &#8216;Sip by Sip samplers&#8217; from <a href="" target="links">Republic of Tea</a>, and picked up some other samples from the bulk tea section at <a href="" target="links">New Seasons</a>. This gives me access to more varieties than my usual habit of going to <a href="" target="links">my favorite tea shop</a> and smelling tins until I like something. Also, it doesn&#8217;t require me and my wallet to go to my favorite tea shop.</p> <p>The problem? As hinted above, once I have any sort of tea or tisane in my house that I like even a bit, it&#8217;s hard to imagine <span class="caps">NOT</span> being able to brew that particular tea or tisane on demand. I already more or less monopolize two cupboards with tea stuff. How much more can the kitchen hold?</p>