One of my favorite words is palimpsest. It is a great crunchy specific word, with the potential for really lovely metaphor.

I will now use it in a sentence:

We are all palimpsests, never truly free of what we once were.

Now if you want (or if you want a gold star from teacher) you may use it in a sentence. It’s zany fun, English-major style!


Some people will jest
and praise my masculine chest;
O, I how I wish it had hair,
and would not remain bare,
my thoracic palimpsest.

Hee hee hee hee! A po-eem! You, sir, get TWO gold stars! The rest of the class will have to scamper to keep up!

There was an old tiger out westward
An ornery, hot-tempered beast
My pa pissed him off
His leg got chewed off
And now my poor pa limps east

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