Tell me you don't see it.

Wednesday July 25, 2007 @ 10:36 PM (UTC)

My kitten and I were outside yesterday. Since her return to indoor living, she has regained more of her bravo spirit, and she likes to climb trees when allowed.

Doesn’t she remind you of something?
Tazendra up a tree


Maybe Ryan could PhotoShop in a grin. :)

And what’s this about a “return to indoor living?” Did you wuss out, Miss Softheart?

Depends on your definition of ‘wuss out’.

Two neighborhood cats were eating her food and convinced her it belonged to them. She wasn’t eating, so we couldn’t really leave her out there. Extreme Measures, such as pheromones, are in effect.

One of them monkey things with the BEEEG eyes what lives in trees.

Loris? Lemur? (both are prosimians, though, not monkeys) Sadly, I was looking for something more literary. Enough people have seen it that I already don’t feel crazy, though:


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