Final residency

Thursday June 19, 2008 @ 04:20 PM (UTC)

In Oregon for fewer than 6 hours, and I’ve already bought a book at Powell’s (okay, airport Powell’s, but still) and eaten Pizza Schmizza. Huzzah for home, for easy no-sales-tax math and shade, glorious shade!


No sales tax is great, until you move to another state and you’re always a few cents short.

May the mold soon be growing between your toes. I think no-sales-tax is in truth a mixed bag. It’s a fair, proportionate tax, unlike most income taxes. Factoid: Abraham Lincoln created the income tax.


Richie Right-Click is a dope handle.

My personal opinion on sales tax is much the same as yours; however, however impractical this may sound, I want them to lump the sales tax in on the price tag. I realize that since Britain has a countrywide sales tax and ours often vary by city, this is somewhat difficult.

Perhaps we need heads-up displays that calculate sales tax when we look at a price tag :p

Gotta love the no-sales-tax thing.

You and your class will be a conspicuous absence come January.

Unless the Jedi Mind Trick wears off (or I haven’t moved back to the NW by then) I’ll stop in for a few days for graduate readings in Seaside. But it’ll be weird not having that time blocked out, not seeing everyone, et cetera. Now I have to structure my writing life myself!

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