Comments on "Updatery" - Faerye Net 2008-11-04T23:07:21+00:00 re: Re 2008-11-04T23:07:21+00:00 2008-11-04T23:07:21+00:00 <p>I shall certainly enjoy Grants &#8220;It&#8217;s the Climate!&#8221; Pass. I&#8217;ll think of you at Orycon, and hopefully get to see you as well!</p> Felicity Re 2008-11-04T08:41:41+00:00 2008-11-04T08:41:41+00:00 <p>How lovely that you can be with her as she heals. Enjoy Grass Pants and I&#8217;ll think of you when I fly over on my way back south.</p> Leslina re: Scrabble! :) 2008-11-03T21:28:26+00:00 2008-11-03T21:28:26+00:00 <p>Thankee. I was there last week, and she trounced me in all 1.5 games, so if that helps the healing process, she should be doing quite well indeed!</p> Felicity Scrabble! :) 2008-11-03T14:40:58+00:00 2008-11-03T14:40:58+00:00 <p>I hope her recuperation goes well and easily.</p> Novel