Comments on "Trade paperback original" - Faerye Net 2008-04-07T15:08:24+00:00 Utter nonsense 2008-04-07T15:08:24+00:00 2008-04-07T15:08:24+00:00 <p>Why you&#8217;d ever want to read my random ramblings I don&#8217;t know, but since you made the mistake of inviting it, I&#8217;ll oblige.<br /> <br /> I have much fewer experiences with TPBs. Some of my college texts came in such, and were far more handy. Some of the authors I read today have such available, and I happily take them up. I can also absolutely agree that when it comes to beauty, convenience (mostly, exceptions bellow), tactile comfort, and therefore value, I generally prefer the TPBs. (Tactile comfort enhancements include firmer cover sheeting, usually better perfect-binding, though sadly rarely a better binding method, and better ink / paper matching for less ink bleed from moistened hands.)<br /> <br /> On the other hand, as I do most of my reading at home, hardcovers in my opinion:<br /> 1) Look nicer on the shelf,<br /> 2) Stack better in the ubiquitous leaving spots of my apartment, which leads to fewer wakings when the piles collapse, and<br /> 3) Hold form better when left cracked open for reading while doing something else, or by piles of bookmarks for later detail comparison.<br /> <br /> As for the question of dollar-value, I fear your assessment is too nuanced. Very few, if any, of the people I&#8217;ve met are truly unconcerned with costs. Some happily pay more to get things early, or to meet other goals, but most pay attention to cost. Since the vast majority of my personal purchases of written words nowadays are for (hopefully) joyful consumption or news-gathering, and being that I&#8217;m frugal, I happily purchase the hardcovers displaced by TPBs or MMPBs. I think this is true of many readers, especially those buying items they&#8217;ll likely read once and shelve or hand to friends, or trade for discounts at used book stores.<br /> <br /> Regardless, let me know which format your publishers put your work out as, and I will purchase it. Even if I have to borrow to do so.</p> Novel