Comments on "Top 10 Best Practices for TV on DVD" - Faerye Net 2006-07-14T13:33:16+00:00 Re: No subject 2006-07-14T13:33:16+00:00 2006-07-14T13:33:16+00:00 <p>I call you weird!<br /> <br /> I don&#8217;t mind &#8216;em the first time or two, but if I can&#8217;t skip &#8216;em, I get REALLY tired of it!</p> felicity No subject 2006-07-14T12:19:03+00:00 2006-07-14T12:19:03+00:00 <p>Foldfests are the bane of a targeted Buffy marathon! The first season of Veronica Mars is not only a foldfest, but they have two DVDs overlapping in each panel. Tres annoying. <br /> <br /> Call me weird, but I like watching the title sequence. It gets me &#8220;in the mood&#8221; somehow and gives me time to arrange my munchies.</p> aakepley