Comments on "Things I've learned of late" - Faerye Net 2005-10-06T12:10:11+00:00 Re: Metonymy 2005-10-06T12:10:11+00:00 2005-10-06T12:10:11+00:00 <p>Hmm&#8230;I&#8217;ve never thought of it that way. I suppose it could be, where the Man is some individual, faceless agent of oppression (like The Man With Keys in <em>E.T.</em>). Interesting thought, Miz Lindz.</p> felicity Re: Metonymy 2005-10-06T10:25:51+00:00 2005-10-06T10:25:51+00:00 <p>I didn&#8217;t know what a metonymy is until I clicked on your handy link. So, is an example of a metonymy when people say &#8220;The Man&#8221; when referring to the evil gov&#8217;t? I always learn something new with you&#8230;</p> lindsey Re: Metonymy 2005-10-06T09:23:22+00:00 2005-10-06T09:23:22+00:00 <p>How now? I do not perceive your meaning, my friend.</p> felicity Re: Kate Bush 2005-10-06T09:22:26+00:00 2005-10-06T09:22:26+00:00 <p>Thankee kindly.</p> felicity Metonymy 2005-10-06T08:59:52+00:00 2005-10-06T08:59:52+00:00 <p>Like The Man?</p> lindsey Kate Bush 2005-10-06T04:28:35+00:00 2005-10-06T04:28:35+00:00 <p>She&#8217;s one of those who grow on you after a while. Sampler enroute.</p> GreyStork