Comments on "These are a few words I can never remember, Part I" - Faerye Net 2006-10-19T18:27:37+00:00 Re: different but related 2006-10-19T18:27:37+00:00 2006-10-19T18:27:37+00:00 <p>Co-aligned <br /> Concurrent (not quite right)</p> Novel different but related 2006-10-19T10:52:39+00:00 2006-10-19T10:52:39+00:00 <p>I discovered recently that I had been using the word orthogonal incorrectly. In fact, I was using orthogonal orthoganally to its true meaning.<br /> <br /> Now I know better, but I cringe when thinking about the situations in which I may have misused the word.<br /> <br /> I am also bothered because I haven&#8217;t found a good substitute for the situations in which I used to use orthogonal. &#8220;Similar&#8221; is close but not strong enough. &#8220;Parallel&#8221; is good, but too many l&#8217;s for the adverb form.<br /> <br /> So far, I have settled on &#8220;congruent&#8221;.</p> dr512