Comments on "The Grey City XVII" - Faerye Net 2008-04-28T23:06:06+00:00 Re: Deja vu 2008-04-28T23:06:06+00:00 2008-04-28T23:06:06+00:00 <p>Perhaps I shouldn&#8217;t admit this, but I think I describe sensations as &#8216;threads&#8217; very, very often. So it could <em>even</em> be from around somewhere! This is what I get for being the child of a quilter&#8230;.</p> felicity Deja vu 2008-04-27T21:26:04+00:00 2008-04-27T21:26:04+00:00 <p>Oddly familiar, your description of a thread of chill. Is it from long gone boyscout days, sitting around the fire in the blackness of night, listening to scary tales, and suddenly feeling an urge to look over my shoulder?</p> GreyStork Re: "More" 2008-04-26T21:27:11+00:00 2008-04-26T21:27:11+00:00 <p>You&#8217;re very welcome, my friend. I found I missed the exercise, and even the tenebrous alleys of Grey City. <br /> <br /> The next segment isn&#8217;t drafted yet, but I must confess I was sketching it in my head not 5 minutes ago!</p> felicity "More" 2008-04-26T20:42:41+00:00 2008-04-26T20:42:41+00:00 <p>Quoth Oliver.<br /> <br /> I love this, and this portion was kind. But darn it, it&#8217;s not enough! <br /> <br /> Thank you for a return to serials.</p> Novel