Comments on "The Grey City XIV" - Faerye Net 2007-03-07T23:16:52+00:00 Re: Thanks for the return of the city 2007-03-07T23:16:52+00:00 2007-03-07T23:16:52+00:00 <p>Oh good! That makes two folks I know favor it. Before that, I had one vote for every serial I&#8217;ve ever negle&#8212;I mean, STARTED. Which meant I felt guilty working on only the one I was excited about at that moment!</p> felicity Thanks for the return of the city 2007-03-07T19:14:27+00:00 2007-03-07T19:14:27+00:00 <p>Yeah for Carys &#38; Eirian!<br /> <br /> I love this serial.</p> Novel