Comments on "The Grey City XIII" - Faerye Net 2006-06-22T23:24:24+00:00 Re: Apprehension 2006-06-22T23:24:24+00:00 2006-06-22T23:24:24+00:00 <p>I must admint, I have no idea. I do know <a href="">it</a>&#8217;s a sci-fi classic, though.</p> GreyStork Re: Apprehension 2006-06-19T01:21:36+00:00 2006-06-19T01:21:36+00:00 <p>You have made me CHORTLE, but I fear I havena seen this &#8216;Thing&#8217; from this other world. Is it a MST3k?</p> felicity Apprehension 2006-06-08T17:46:09+00:00 2006-06-08T17:46:09+00:00 <p>I&#8217;m getting a bead feeling about this. Like I did while watching &#8216;The Thing from Another World&#8217; and they put that vegetable guy inside the arctic station. Why not just keep it outside? But nooo, they <i>had</i> to drag it inside, where it was <i>warm</i>...</p> GreyStork