Comments on "The Golden Ticket" - Faerye Net 2007-11-16T02:33:53+00:00 hot damn! 2007-11-16T02:33:53+00:00 2007-11-16T02:33:53+00:00 <p>I knew you when.</p> nursefusion CONGRATS 2007-11-15T12:22:23+00:00 2007-11-15T12:22:23+00:00 EAKugler Congratulations! 2007-11-14T23:52:01+00:00 2007-11-14T23:52:01+00:00 <p>Fantastic! I&#8217;m really proud of you, and kudos for joining that exclusive club of Published Authors. Send me some info so I can buy myself a copy!<br /> <br /> Sadly, only writing I&#8217;ve been doing is of the legal variety, so you&#8217;re going to have to do it for the rest of us vicariously. :)</p> garrisod Huzzah, Golden Girl! 2007-11-14T17:07:44+00:00 2007-11-14T17:07:44+00:00 <p>As one of my early SF favorites once wrote, &#8220;You&#8217;re a blinding flash and a deafening report!&#8221;.</p> dhs Hooray! 2007-11-14T15:51:10+00:00 2007-11-14T15:51:10+00:00 <p>Congratulations and attagirls.<br /> <br /> Glad it happened. Remember to post which magazine so we can all support their publication for at least a month.</p> Novel framing idea 2007-11-14T14:06:47+00:00 2007-11-14T14:06:47+00:00 <p>Ken ye frame the rejection nigh longside the acceptance? Symmetry!</p> sister sledge Fantastic! 2007-11-14T11:18:51+00:00 2007-11-14T11:18:51+00:00 <p>Congratulations! When do I get my copy? : )</p> infinitecreature No subject 2007-11-14T05:32:57+00:00 2007-11-14T05:32:57+00:00 <p>Congratulations!!!!</p> aakepley