Comments on "The Beauty Myth Kills" - Faerye Net 2007-10-12T13:48:07+00:00 yes, that is a good post! 2007-10-12T13:48:07+00:00 2007-10-12T13:48:07+00:00 <p>Ever since I heard very VERY! young American black girls always pick the white dolly as &#8220;prettiest,&#8221; my heart has been hurting over this. How do I help?<br /> <br /> Also, hi to Katey, for the pure pleasure of making a <strong>finger quotes</strong> &#8220;Whitman connection&#8221; outside the virtual and actual kingdom o&#8217; Whitman. Speaking of which, re: Walla Walla, Katey: The times, they are a changin&#8217;:<br /> <br /></p> sister sledge thanks for this 2007-10-12T05:44:45+00:00 2007-10-12T05:44:45+00:00 <p>felicity &#8211; thanks for this succinct, powerful blog post. and informative, too! you&#8217;d think you were, ahem, an MFA NONfiction major. :-)<br /> hope you&#8217;re doing well. planning on putting the gold sequined mask to use this halloween.:-)<br /> miss you!<br /> katey</p> kateyschultz No subject 2007-10-04T23:11:17+00:00 2007-10-04T23:11:17+00:00 <p>Wow, that is intense. Thanks for the video link.</p> grizelda