Comments on "Sometimes..." - Faerye Net 2005-05-15T16:41:11+00:00 Re: Good Link! 2005-05-15T16:41:11+00:00 2005-05-15T16:41:11+00:00 <p>Of course not! I may be a lucky bastard, but I&#8217;m not an EVIL lucky bastard.</p> felicity Re: Good Link! 2005-05-15T16:23:22+00:00 2005-05-15T16:23:22+00:00 <p>Ahh!!!!! I&#8217;m going to use my astronomer powers to send evil photons from the Sun to hit you. No spoilage please! :-)</p> aakepley Re: Good Link! 2005-05-15T16:12:36+00:00 2005-05-15T16:12:36+00:00 <p>At the risk of being killed by some strange astronomer doomsday device, I must confess that I get to see it 5/26/05 :)</p> felicity Good Link! 2005-05-15T13:32:26+00:00 2005-05-15T13:32:26+00:00 <p>In Joss we trust. 09/30/05.</p> aakepley