Comments on "SHOCKtopus!" - Faerye Net 2006-10-30T20:51:58+00:00 Ha! 2006-10-30T20:51:58+00:00 2006-10-30T20:51:58+00:00 <p>I&#8217;ve been telling people this for years, and no one ever believes me. But I&#8217;m RIGHT! (And I&#8217;m the one who has owned a dead octopus in a jar of formaldehyde since I was 8, so you think people would believe me when I claim to know these things.)</p> meep Well! 2006-10-26T10:10:38+00:00 2006-10-26T10:10:38+00:00 <p>I think using &#8220;octopi&#8221; is actually doing the English language, and by extension, the world, a huge favor, if for no other reason than the use of so many cool sounds in a single word.<br /> <br /> And they don&#8217;t like it when you talk about the octopi-shark war.</p> Rusty Re: also 2006-10-23T19:53:40+00:00 2006-10-23T19:53:40+00:00 <p>Hear, hear.</p> bedrick Re: thank you 2006-10-23T16:07:11+00:00 2006-10-23T16:07:11+00:00 <p>We here at the Anti-Shark League are ready to remind you that <a href="">sharks are aliens</a>. We are well aware of <a href="">the aid of cephalopods</a> in fighting the carcharian menace.</p> felicity OEYeah... 2006-10-23T14:08:12+00:00 2006-10-23T14:08:12+00:00 <p>I have to say I was a bit suspicious of this, but indeed, our (1971) OED doesn&#8217;t even mention octopi, instead giving octopodes as the normal usage, and octopuses as secondary. <br /> <br /> But really, &#8216;octopi&#8217; is in such majority usage these days-at least where I have lived-that I think the language has given up to it. I mean, we&#8217;re not French or anything.<br /> <br /> And Yay pedantry.</p> EMeta also 2006-10-23T10:38:31+00:00 2006-10-23T10:38:31+00:00 <p>Would make an awesome name for a band. K i&#8217;m done.</p> sister sledge btw 2006-10-23T10:38:13+00:00 2006-10-23T10:38:13+00:00 <p>The title of your post is THE BEST EVAR! Should be entered in a bloggy contest of some sort such is its brilliance.</p> sister sledge thank you 2006-10-23T10:37:19+00:00 2006-10-23T10:37:19+00:00 <p>...for bringing that to my attention. Too bad since it is so fun to say &#8220;octopi&#8221; and makes them sound more like a secret and somewhat dangerous society WHICH THEY ARE. Their fascinating, intelligent behaviors (ingenious defense/disguise mechanisms, some species have MULTIPLE methods!, escape artistry) are just too advanced and full developed for mere ___pods (the Blogstress surely knows the first part of that word and I am too lazy to look it up.) So: they are aliens. My cousin&#8217;s wife and i were talking about it recently. And now here is a video of an octopus capturing a wee shark:;search=Search<br /> <br /> But I will go on saying &#8220;appendices.&#8221; That&#8217;s ridiculous. I defy!</p> sister sledge The Week of Plural Surprises 2006-10-23T00:40:22+00:00 2006-10-23T00:40:22+00:00 <p>Wow. Of course, I&#8217;ve been saying &#8220;octopuses&#8221; for years, but unfortunately not because of any advanced literary knowledge on my part. I was right only out of pure ignorance. How often does THAT happen? :)<br /> <br /> On a related note, I only just found out this past week that the American Psychological Association has declared &#8220;appendixes&#8221; to be the correct plural usage when one has more than one appendix in one&#8217;s document. &#8220;Appendices&#8221; is defunct, apparently. &#8220;Data,&#8221; however, is still the plural of &#8220;datum,&#8221; thankfully. &#8220;Our research datums suggest&#8230;&#8221; would just make me giggle, and one is NOT supposed to giggle when reading medical research.</p> LadyLong