Comments on "Recent uses of Book Darts, part I" - Faerye Net 2007-06-09T20:09:14+00:00 Re: Oooh... 2007-06-09T20:09:14+00:00 2007-06-09T20:09:14+00:00 <p>Heh! I love usin&#8217; &#8216;em for quotes. It can be good for collecting passages for essays, too.</p> felicity Oooh... 2007-06-09T16:50:25+00:00 2007-06-09T16:50:25+00:00 <p>You know&#8230; I actually never thought of using them like that&#8230; quite a &#8220;duh!&#8221; moment, for me! :) I believe I&#8217;ll get much use out of mine now that I work at a book store. :)<br /> <br /> Quick! To the book shelf!!!</p> infinitecreature No subject 2007-06-04T11:38:54+00:00 2007-06-04T11:38:54+00:00 <p>Book Darts (and Page Points) are wonderful things, aren&#8217;t they!?! From the quotes you have shared they seem to be serving you quite well.</p> grizelda