Comments on "Random note: doll diversity" - Faerye Net 2009-01-21T13:34:23+00:00 re: Disney princesses 2009-01-21T13:34:23+00:00 2009-01-21T13:34:23+00:00 <p>Good point. And of course, since you and I <strong>were</strong> bookish brunettes, we were pretty hooked on her in general, yes? Even though now Disney in general makes me want to weep. Princess this and Princess that. Grumble grumble.</p> Felicity Disney princesses 2009-01-21T08:52:20+00:00 2009-01-21T08:52:20+00:00 <p>This is also the reason Belle was so appealing to a lot of girls. Even the non-bookish ones. I have brown hair and blue eyes. Snow White was a bit too stark and old even for me and Esmeralda was after my time. &ldquo;The same old bread and rolls to sell.&rdquo; That is all.</p> Emily Update: Only Hearts Club 2009-01-02T01:22:36+00:00 2009-01-02T01:22:36+00:00 <p>These dolls, which are supposed to be a non-objectifying, non-anorexifying crunchy-granola brand, have several white models, an Asian-American and Latina model, two black models with different appearances&hellip;and no white brunettes. <a href="" rel="nofollow">Only Hearts Club</a>.</p> <p>I&rsquo;m not complaining, since I&rsquo;m no longer a little girl, and they&rsquo;re doing a lot of diversity stuff very well. But it did make me laugh to see once again that European doll immigrants to doll America brought all the hair spectrum from blonde to auburn :p</p> Felicity