Comments on "Ordeal of the Phoenix" - Faerye Net 2003-07-03T10:19:54+00:00 Re: Other Powell's locations 2003-07-03T10:19:54+00:00 2003-07-03T10:19:54+00:00 <p>All trendy parts of Portland look alike to me, so sending me to Hawthorne is dangerous :)</p> felicity Re: Other Powell's locations 2003-07-03T08:28:00+00:00 2003-07-03T08:28:00+00:00 <p>Actually, it was 4 at Burnside (I&#8217;m guessing there&#8217;s some latency in the system, such that they can run out at 11am and the web site doesn&#8217;t notice till well after that). There was only 1 at Beaverton, and I&#8217;m sure that was gone. There were a few at Hawthorne, but I didn&#8217;t want to make you go all the way down there.</p> Mithrandir Re: Other Powell's locations 2003-07-02T23:41:10+00:00 2003-07-02T23:41:10+00:00 <p>Yeah. I tend to try to make my misery journey blog entries as pared down as possible (I leave in useless info only if I make it ludicrous or funny) so I didn&#8217;t mention&#8212;I did not ONLY call Matt to whine. He told me their website said 4 copies of the book &#8220;At Beaverton and Burnside&#8221;. Hrm.</p> felicity Re: Other Powell's locations 2003-07-02T21:23:07+00:00 2003-07-02T21:23:07+00:00 <p>Look, I just wanted to know if you were really going to buy that book on rhinoplasty or just look at it for the rest of the day! I mean, if you weren&#8217;t going to get it then <strong>I&#8217;D</strong> have to get it, and that would mean admitting to myself that I wanted to know enough about rhinoplasty to actually buy the book, not just politely show interest when you finished the book and borrowed in more of an amused manner than the desperate &#8220;I&#8217;d already have a new nose if I only knew how!&#8221; kind of way. Anyway, I&#8217;m not creepy.</p> brunslo Other Powell's locations 2003-07-02T16:52:22+00:00 2003-07-02T16:52:22+00:00 <p>You know there are two other Powell&#8217;s locations (not counting the airport bookstore and Powell&#8217;s Technical Books), right? There&#8217;s one on Hawthorne Blvd. in Portland and another one much closer to home on Cascade Avenue in Beaverton, just off 217. I&#8217;ve never been to the Hawthorne Blvd. store, but the Beaverton store is really nice, and has plenty of free parking.</p> <p> I&#8217;m not real crazy about the big store. It&#8217;s impossible to park near, it&#8217;s always packed, the checkout lines are painfully long, and last time I went there a creepy dork followed me around and tried to talk to me about every damn book I looked at. </p> <p> Still, your misfortune is our amusement (again). ;) </p> wonko