Comments on "On Running" - Faerye Net 2004-06-29T20:30:20+00:00 exercise 2004-06-29T20:30:20+00:00 2004-06-29T20:30:20+00:00 <p>I joined a gym when I got back to the country, and have been very good about going at least 3 times a week. (This is possibly because I spent so much of my own money on the membership &#8211; in the past, I have just used my family&#8217;s membership.)<br /> <br /> I considered just starting to run instead of joining the gym, but I have discovered a few things: 1) when I am panting and ready to collapse after an embarassingly short period of time, I am more embarassed if people I sort of know around my neighborhood see me than if it is just a bunch of anonomous people at the gym. 2) watching TV while working out is fun, and it is the only time I do watch it. 3) I like the variety provided by lots of different kinds of cardio equipment, plus I can work on muscle-toning machines as well. 4) airconditioning is GOOD.<br /> <br /> It would be nice to be outside where there are actual TREES and ANIMALS, though.</p> meep