Comments on "On making a difference" - Faerye Net 2010-10-05T22:45:44+00:00 Re: Maybe do it in person? 2010-10-05T22:45:44+00:00 2010-10-05T22:45:44+00:00 <p>Ah! Well, you’ve certainly clarified your position. I think in this case, I wouldn’t escalate to the in-person thing unless I were a more direct stakeholder (read: parent, public school teacher, et c.)</p> <p>I sent my letter today!</p> Felicity Re: Maybe do it in person? 2010-10-05T20:12:05+00:00 2010-10-05T20:12:05+00:00 <p>I suppose it’s simply my outlook. To my mind the methods each have their own point:</p><ul><li> Blogging is for alerting your friends / viewers / associates &amp; being able to refer back to it or receive comments<br /></li><li> Letter-writing is about expressing your particular grievance and they wherefore and hows behind it.<br /></li><li> A meeting is to show that you find the item so objectionable it is worth your time and attention to see it redressed. </li></ul><p>While I agree with your letter, if you find the methods and opinions expressed truly heinous, I at least would like to believe that in your shoes I would request a meeting, request more information in case the journalism doesn’t reflect the entirety of the story, and express my particular dismay and reasons. Then again, I’m generally considered abrasive.</p> Novel Re: Maybe do it in person? 2010-10-05T12:32:33+00:00 2010-10-05T12:32:32+00:00 <p>Interesting. Kind of the opposite of the “why a letter, why not just blog” input I’ve gotten from elsewhere.</p> <p>The Superintendent of BSD is retiring or somesuch at the end of this year, and I wouldn’t say I’m campaigning against him or anything. What I’ve asked for in my letter (as you’ll see) is, if not a change in this decision, then a policy that will forbid this sort of double standard in future.</p> Felicity Maybe do it in person? 2010-10-05T09:26:10+00:00 2010-10-05T09:26:10+00:00 <p>If you want to have impact, and show that this is a response of feeling, maybe you should make an appointment, and hand-deliver the letter. You can note that you attended the school, have chosen (i.e. made an active choice with opportunity otherwise) to live in the area, and would like to ensure that your view is heard, preferably without having to help organize a campaign against the superintendent, school board, etc.</p> Novel