Comments on "New pie (with recipe): Sea Salt Caramel Apple Custard" - Faerye Net 2017-04-06T22:36:26+00:00 2017-04-06T22:36:26+00:00 2017-04-06T22:36:26+00:00 KostyaWogue 2015-11-25T16:30:02+00:00 2015-11-25T16:30:02+00:00 <p>Felicity ! I made this for early Thanksgiving dinner with my mother last weekend – insanely delicious, and even better the next morning. I made two ( lots of filling) and brought the second one to school for faculty eating between conferences.</p> <p>I bookmarked the recipe last year and am glad I finally got to it..thanks !</p> <p>See you daily after the break, I hear .</p> <p>Love,</p> <p>Debby</p> Debby 2014-01-27T14:14:20+00:00 2014-01-27T14:14:20+00:00 <p>Now you are talking my language! Pie!</p> Jan Priddy 2014-01-27T05:15:09+00:00 2014-01-27T05:15:09+00:00 <p>Jeannine —</p> <p>I have <em>accidentally</em> had some incredible scones that were vegan and gluten-free, from Petunia’s Pastries in Portland — and from their website they use a lot of millet flour and flax seed and stuff? (No hives, so it can’t have been almond flour ;) I bet those could make a decent pie crust! (They make pies too, but I haven’t tried ’em!)</p> <p>As I said, the caramel is pretty subtle — no more, I would guess from smell, than in a pecan pie or something? But technically, it’s there. WE HAVE THE SCIENCE!</p> Felicity 2014-01-27T01:17:43+00:00 2014-01-27T01:17:43+00:00 <p>This looks fantastic! I think I might want to try a crustless version (or figure out a gluten-free-sugar-cookie type crust) but it sounds amazing! Glenn is actually a really good caramel maker – he even makes coconut milk caramels for people who can’t tolerate the cream in regular caramels! But I think his training as a chemist makes him abnormally good at candy making. The one time I tried it, I got hard sticky stuff stuck the bottom of the pan – not encouraging!</p> Jeannine Hall Gailey