Comments on "Mass Effect needs social networking" - Faerye Net 2010-12-03T10:59:57+00:00 Note re: ages 2010-12-03T10:59:57+00:00 2010-12-03T10:59:57+00:00 <p>I decided on Shepard’s age for this mockup myself, but I’ve noticed that the Mass Effect wiki has a timeline, and a Bioware employee has confirmed Shepard’s birthday. Which would make Shepard 29 at the beginning of ME1. Which is just sort of funny. Have they <em>seen</em> the crow’s feet on their male, default Shepard in all the ads? Do they think the protag being over 30 will scare off the 17-year-old demographic? (Hint: not if they are already obsessed enough to read wikis.)</p> Felicity Re: ...and good luck with that Kaidan guy 2010-12-02T22:01:11+00:00 2010-12-02T22:01:11+00:00 <p>Well, if you played KotOR as a female character, you definitely <em>heard</em> him first. (I’ve never played KotOR myself, but a friend mentioned the male love interest has the same voice actor…)</p> Felicity ... and good luck with that Kaiden guy 2010-12-02T21:57:17+00:00 2010-12-02T21:57:17+00:00 <p>He’s completely adorkable.</p> <p>PS: <em>my</em> Commander Shepherd saw him first.</p> Simone Re: oh my heart... 2010-12-02T20:50:40+00:00 2010-12-02T20:50:40+00:00 <p>Yes, I know all about the photo.</p> <p>Well, that is to say that I know that it is THERE. The information that the picture can be turned down due to infidelity I know only from the Mass Effect wiki!</p> <p>Semper Fidelis in Astris! (Space Marines are spfaithful spforever!)</p> Felicity oh, my heart ... 2010-12-02T18:52:11+00:00 2010-12-02T18:52:11+00:00 <p>I love you more each day, Commander, even though you are apparently “taken.”</p> <p>Have you noticed that your love’s picture is on your desk in your quarters? Did you know that if you <em>are</em> unfaithful to him, the next time you go into the room, his picture will be <em>face down</em>?</p> <p>Definitely, somebody knows if you’ve been naughty or nice.</p> <p>Just saying,</p> <p>Your unrequited loving alien admirer,</p> <p>—simone</p> Simone