Comments on "List slippers" - Faerye Net 2015-11-14T23:41:51+00:00 2015-11-14T23:41:51+00:00 2015-11-14T23:41:51+00:00 <p>Apologies – the novel is called The Old Wives Tale – the TV series was called Sophia and Constance.</p> Pat Godwin 2015-11-14T23:38:13+00:00 2015-11-14T23:38:13+00:00 <p>Thank you for this. I just came across the term list slippers for the first time as I was reading Sophia and Constance – Arnold Bennett"Sophia wore list slippers in the morning&gt; It was a habit which she had formed in the Rue Lord Byron – by accident rather than with an intention to utilize list slippers for the effective supervision of servants. These list slippers were the immediate cause of important happenings in St Luke’s Square"</p> <p>Thanks to you I now know what they are and the ensuing plot makes sens.</p> <p>Really interesting about the powder magazine also.</p> Pat Godwin 2015-08-24T13:42:44+00:00 2015-08-24T13:42:44+00:00 <p>The first time I read the word list slippers in Madame Bovary,<br /> I had no idea of the meaning of list in this context. The description was fascinating, because of it’s many inferences to the story. I loved your blog. Lottie</p> Lottie Re: List slippers at sea! 2010-07-10T21:15:28+00:00 2010-07-10T21:15:28+00:00 <p>Yes! It’s true! List slippers everywhere.</p> Felicity List slippers at sea 2010-07-10T18:43:54+00:00 2010-07-10T18:43:54+00:00 <p>I ran into list slippers just the other day in a Patrick O’Brian book, in which they were worn in<br /> the ship’s powder magazine to prevent sparks.</p> David D. Levine